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Thanksgiving shopping can drive you mad

Whole Fole Mole

Mike Toole reports:

Man, tryin to get the last of the turkey day shopping done, and my brain is turning to mush. all of these damn supermarkets are starting to blend together~

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I did mind yesterday morning at Market Basket.. it was like a social scene, I ran into several people (most who don't shop at the Chelsea Market Basket)

and yes even at my 730am trip, typically its not that busy.. yesterday, it was pretty busy for that hour. I don't even want to think about what 1 or 2 pm was like

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Not only are the aisles in the Somerville location of Market Basket extremely narrow, but the parking's not that great, either, plus it's extremely crowded, especially on weekends.

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this is why somerville is so bad.

Chelsea is 3x the size and aisles so wide that you can park a car in them.

Its all about when you go also.

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