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They could build a ski run on the Common and then the mayor could announce 'This IS Loon Mountain'

Boston is looking for proposals for sort of outdoor recreational pop ups that could take place during your basic Boston winter.

The Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics and the the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University are looking for "ideas for playful, temporary design installations and events throughout Boston this winter." A bit of cash is involved:

Projects could provide inclusive performances, interactive play, or civic art that incorporates winter elements. Additionally, applicants will be encouraged to submit projects that reduce stress, build lifelong learning skills, and support responsive relationships. Two projects will be selected. Each project must be temporary, implemented by early February 2019, and meet a budget of $5,000.

Ed. note for newcomers: During the infamous Winter of 2015, when people were jumping out of their second-floor windows, Hizzonah announced at a press conference that "This isn't Loon Mountain!"

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Try a snow angel

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I would sit around and tell kids and adults alike what makes a good stew.

I can slice my apple and eat it with one hand too, for effect.

Five thousand dollars is hardly a deposit on a feasibility study nowadays... but just about paid-in-full going rate for old timey storytellers.

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One of the few bright spots in Snowmageddon was the emergence of neighborhood hangouts and lounges shoveled out of the snow.

Another Idea: an obstacle course for puppers and doggos, including tunnels and mazes.

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WHAT???? Have I missed something???

First they tell us Boston is to become a cross between the Ole Pirate Cove @ the Ole long lamented lost Pleasure Island in Wakefield and the current incarnation of the Everglades [complete with gators]

as a result we are told by the Planers that the private sector can't build on some old parking lots in the middle of the South Bay -- because rising Sea Levels are about to restore the South Bay to what it looked like circa 1640

Now we are worrying that to keep the populace orderly we need entertainments during the Long Cold Dark Snowy New England Winter of Yore

something like what we had during the Blizzard of 88*1 -- that would be 1888 when the City of Boston closed for a week and people were seen in sleighs on Comm Ave

Suggest leave Comm Ave unplowed on the next storm -- let it become the snow version of "River Bend Park," the temporary use of Mem Drive for roller sports on Sunday's from May through November


The worst blizzard in English-American history to hit the eastern United States occurred on March 11 and 12, 1888. This storm wreaked havoc from Maine to New Jersey, with some areas receiving snow drifts as high as 50 inches. The largest snow accumulated in central New England, and the greatest consequence of the storm was borne on New York City. About 400 people tragically lost their lives. This weather event quickly became known as The Blizzard of 1888 or The Great White Hurricane.

Weather forecasting was inaccurate in 1888. Weather stations dotted the country, and prevailing conditions were telegraphed to downstream locations. The Blizzard of 1888 was essentially not predicted, and as people went about their normal lives, a massive storm struck with little warning warning. Rain quickly turned to sleet then heavy snow. Trains loaded with passengers were stranded on the tracks. People weary of losing their jobs went to work in defiance of the storm, and a few were frozen to death while attempting to return home. In some rural areas people were stranded inside their homes for nearly two weeks.


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my only true hope for the upcoming climate apocalypse is that morons still clinging to patently false shit like this to push an agenda drown first.

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of Space-Saver Tossing. Or the Space-Save-Chuck as I like to call it.
A variety of items from chairs to air conditioners to CRT computer monitors, to busted old refrigerators are set up on the Common along side a bin or bar at regulation Public Works Truck tailgate height. The objective it to pick up the space saver and chuck it into the back of the truck for removal without throwing your back out. Occasionally and old townie runs up screaming at you, but DON'T LOSE FOCUS! Hazardous waste doesn't remove itself from city streets for free, and no one likes a workman's comp lawsuit, so bend your knees and lift with your legs!
$5 per toss! STEP RIGHT UP!

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