Thirsty Roslindale, West Roxbury residents could soon have more beer options

The Boston Licensing Board next week hears requests from a brewery that wants to open in Roslindale Square and a convenience store that wants to start selling adult beverages on VFW Parkway.

In one hearing, Distraction Brewing will ask for a "Farmer Brewery Pouring License" so that it can begin making and selling beer at 2 Belgrade Ave. in Roslindale Square, in the space where Select Cafe used to be.

In another hearing, the board will consider a request from the owner of a 7-Eleven on Hanover Street in the North End to sell his packie license to Marino's Market and Deli, 1245 VFW Parkway. Marino's is in the space where the 5 C's liquor store used to be, next to Al Wadi, where Spring Blossom used to be.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in Room 809 in City Hall.



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thanks for the heads up!

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just sent in a letter of support. with trillium closed can't wait for this place to open

Voting is closed. 13