Thunderstorms bring bit of temperature relief

Thunderhead over Roslindale

Mark Smith watched the thunderstorm roll into Roslindale this evening.



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Caused about 45 minutes of delay to the Pops Rehearsal concert

Thunder came and went before the show started, but about 10 minutes into the concert, a downpour began. They managed to reschedule almost everything in the printed program once the event resumed. Within seconds after the last note of "Stars & Stripes Forever", around 10:45 pm, the rain came again.

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Hang in there!

I'm on vacation in the Great White North, but I'm hearing tales from my sons at home about broken trains, carrying changes of clothes, locking the cat in the basement for her own good ... it sounds completely dreadful all around. I was there Saturday and the last reading off of Jeffrey's Point before I shut down my phone was 102F! I can't believe that it got worse.

Hopefully this will break it. Take care of yourselves, folks - mind your exposure to the heat, watch the air quality, check on your elders, etc.

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