Time for Allston/Brighton to get a dog park, some residents say

A group of dog owners are trying to persuade DCR to use some of its parkland along the Charles River for an area where dogs could play and roam.

The department, which recently announced actual plans to turn part of the Southwest Corridor into a dog park, should look at the area between the Harvard Business School and the IHOP for a location, according to an online petition.

Christopher Arena, one of the leaders of the effort, is looking to meet next week with DCR, state Rep. Kevin Honan and Harvard to try to work out how to move forward.

As the petition notes:

Currently, the closest fully fenced dog parks adjacent to this neighborhood are the Tudor Street Dog park in Cambridge (3 miles), Hunnewell on the Newton/Brighton line (2 miles), and the Mansfield Street dog park (not maintained, not grass, privately owned).


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Will enforcement improve in other parks?

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I'm cool with dogs getting their own designated spaces, but my experience is that entitled little creeps will continue to poo all over every single other park and let their *furbabies* off leash where it is not allowed, and just expect MORE permissiveness from their neighbors.

Budgets for new dog parks should factor in enforcement and reeducation for the existing non-dog parks currently littered with dog turds and unsocialized, untrained menaces.

Otherwise you're just encouraging more entitled dog people and doing nothing about places already designated for, y'know, humans.


Oak Square

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There's a dog park on Faneuil St behind the Y in Oak Square. Granted, they should have one in Allston. Why not get the Stop & Shop mega condo developers to put one in behind the Volvo dealership, or someplace on that property. Or, tear down the old MDC pool by Soldier's Field Road/North Beacon St/Parsons St. There's already a small parking lot (currently being used by Middlesex in their endless work for Eversource's watery boondoggle on Electric Avenue), but traffic would be a issue as it's an insane intersection, if you can call it an intersection.

dog park

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The small area of land with bleachers for the baseball field by the Oak Square YMCA is not actually a dog park although it is frequently used as such. The area is much too small to actually be a dog park. It also becomes a mud fest after rains and melting snows.

Dog Pee and Defecation Park

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I object to my tax dollars being spent for this or any other "dog park". It's really a proposal for a big dump, so to speak, for dog dumps and pee. If it is so important to have a dog, then I suggest you take your dog to pee and poop in your own damn yard or establish a private facility . Why should I as a taxpayer support your need to take your dog to pee and poop anywhere but your own back yard?


You're a moron and have

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You're a moron and have clearly never been to a dog park. It's not a litterbox. It's a place where dog's play and socialize away from folks who may not want to be around dogs.

Dog parks are fair

Lots of people have dogs - let's have a few dog parks. More people don't play hoops or tennis than do, yet we have lots of courts around the city which are free to use. This is a good thing. Having dog parks means that more people will be on board with greater enforcement of leash laws in the rest of our public park spaces.


Dog owner here

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Well I don’t want my tax dollars used on bike lanes and lousy public schools, seeing that I have no kids .

Keep Allston shitty .

Do you drive?

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Do you drive? Because I don't. Why should I as a taxpayer support your need to take your car anywhere but your own driveway? If you have a car, great! You do you! But build your own road on your own property to do it and stop sucking at the teat of the car-less masses.