Tree stops car in Jamaica Plain

Tree vs. car in Jamaica Plain

Mark MacGilchrist came upon this crash on Arborway Road in Jamaica Plain shortly before 4 p.m., reports BPD and BFD showed up moments later. Rebecca Connors adds:

I saw someone standing next to the car, so I am hoping there were no serious injuries. Still, I don't get how so many cars crash along this divider. So many.



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Arborway Road?

I've always seen and heard it as just "Arborway". Similarly for (The) Fenway, Riverway, Jamaicaway, and Broadway. (But not for Glenway Street.)

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The Arborway

My father grew up in the house in the left of the picture. My grandfather built it in 1917. I always knew it as "the Arborway".

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(The) Arborway

The (now) four lane mainline Arborway is the roadway below. The (former) carriage road from Olmsted times is above, separated from the mainline here by a small island of urban wild known locally as the Arborway Hillside. As Frederick Law Olmsted designed them in the late 19th century, they were parts of the same recreational parkway, continuing north to Jamaicaway, Riverway, Fenway - what we now call The Emerald Necklace (but he never did). Modern street signs on the carriage road have ambiguously called the smaller one simply "Arborway" without distinguishing it from the 'main' Arborway for many years, but recently new signage has been installed (as part of the Casey Arborway project through Forest Hills) identifying the residential carriage road as "Arborway Rd" where it meets South Street.

As a 20+ year resident of the vicinity, I've heard locals call the smaller residential one "Arborway St", "Arborway Rd", "Arborway Carriage Rd" and "The Upper Arborway" in an effort to be clear to non-locals about which one they mean, and I've used most of those interchangeably myself - landing most often on "Road".

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If you're a tree

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You've got to understand: cars are going to hit you.

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no lights

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That tree should have been wearing an orange vest, for safety.

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should be licensed and insured to make sure they behave responsibly. Everyone needs some sk-wait, bark in the game

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