A trolley just keeled over at Beaconsfield

The MBTA reports "minor" delays on the Riverside Line inbound due to a dead trolley at Beaconsfield.




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2 mediocre rhymes today Adam - are you posting before your morning coffee again??

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Something else happened there

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Something else happened there. Transit Police arrested someone for assaulting another. Broken trolley rage?

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I was on the trolley behind

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I was on the trolley behind the dead one and saw an ambulance with lights on at Beaconsfield (didn’t spot a patient). No cops though, but I think I overheard something about cops on the radio.

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I’m glad there was an arrest

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I was in the first car of the train stuck right behind the disabled train at Beaconsfield. They had been keeping us updated about the disabled train when all of a sudden I heard the driver call emergency dispatch to report he saw a male passenger get off the disabled train in front of us, cross the tracks to the outbound side, punch an elderly man in the back of the head and keep walking. The driver reported that the victim was knocked down to the ground, described the suspect and where he was heading, requested assistance, and then he got out of the train to check on the man. I didn’t see the assault but saw the man sitting on a bench, holding his head.

By the time the ambulance came, the disabled train had cleared out and we were on our way. I couldn’t stop thinking about this all day, wondering if the victim was ok and if they caught the suspect, so I was very relieved to see your comment that there had been an arrest.

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keeled over

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1st reaction was "Oh no, another derailment?" Glad it wasn't that.

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