Troubled Cleveland Circle pizza place throws in the towel

The BC Heights reports the owners of Agoros Bar and Grill on Chestnut Hill Avenue are selling the business after a stormy year and a half in which they racked up three weeks of license suspensions from both city and state regulators and had their hours rolled back because police kept finding underage BC students with drinks.

The Heights reports the Liakos brothers will sell the place to a non-pizza restaurant.

The Liakoses opened in the space where Roggie's used to be. Roggie's itself had a troubled past, in particular an incident in which the owner ordered workers to take a patron knocked unconscious in a fall down some stairs and dump him in an ally outside.



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Except ...

... the name of the farm was "Welcome Locusts".

And all the young locusts knew this.

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This place was never meant to

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This place was never meant to be a "restaurant" of any sort. One time I went in they had "sold out" of half the items on there menu and the place was filled with only students with no food in sight. Terrible music pumping all throughout, of course.

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Ejecting underage would-be drinkers

in Cleveland Circle pretty much Job One for any restaurateur there, given the level of scrutiny. Hard to feel sorry for the owners, especially after getting caught multiple times. Try serving great pizza next time, maybe?

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"kept finding underage BC

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"kept finding underage BC students with drinks". So where will they go? Turn to opiods I guess, those numbers keep rising.

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with the hotel and 55+ condo

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with the hotel and 55+ condo building opening this spring, and only 100 yards down the road, i imagine they'll be able to find a restaurant that'll aim at that demographic. clevo circle doesn't need more things catering to BC kids.

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