Tufts students cross the Charles and visit the Fenway - and get a restaurant in trouble

The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday whether to do anything about the two Tufts freshmen caught enjoying some draft beer with their food at Eventide, 1321 Boylston St. on the evening of Jan. 21.

Sgt. Det. Robert Mulvey told the licensing board today that on a snap inspection, he spotted two young-looking guys who, it turned out, were both 18 and were both packing fake IDs - one from Florida, one from India.

A restaurant manager said he was pleased that his staff had, in fact, carded both, but acknowledged that they should have required a back-up ID. He vowed to do better in the future; the two kids were summoned into court, where they were fined $100 apiece and then had their cases continued for a year, after which the charges will be dismissed if they've stayed out of trouble.

Also appearing before the board was the owner of the White Bull, 1 Union St. downtown, which got a surprise inspection on Dec. 14 - its first day in business - that ended with two under-age woman with vodkas and cranberry getting nabbed with valid Massachusetts IDs, just not theirs. The owner apologized, said he had called on relatives for help his first night open and vowed it will never happen again, because he has since hired workers certified to better check IDs.

On Thursday, the board could decide no violations happened in the cases, issue a written warning or take sterner action.



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if instead of busting kids for using a fake ID to have a single beer with their meal at Eventide how about we try to solve some of the city's other crime. It's not even like eventide is a bar or a place to go out at. The country should have a lower drinking age anyways but that's a whole other conversation.

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That's nice

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You do realize the Mulvey is not the only detective on the force. Heck, they have an entire homicide unit out there.

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