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Turkeys not only problem confronting Brookline

Wicked Local Brookline reports on a recent 911 call from Saint Paul Street:

At 3:46 a.m., a caller reported someone was standing at the entrance to their apartment and looking into a window while peeling sunflower petals.



"Man with a hoodie on Columbia Street/Harvard Street: At 8:24 a.m., a caller reported a middle-aged black male who the caller described as “out of place,” because he was wearing a hoodie in hot weather."

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someone was standing at the entrance to their apartment and looking into a window while peeling sunflower petals

This is actually cliche nowadays at Sundance.

In his early years, Vic Tayback could pull off a sunflower petal peeling scene that would really make you think.

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Redirect all these panicky and trivial reports to Nextdoor and/or a therapy program for anxiety and paranoia?

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So, does she love him, or does she love him not?

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Someone was standing outside the caller's apartment and peering into the window. Not at all trivial for a woman alone. Especially at 3:46 a.m.

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How is #metoo supposed to work? The woman is in a Brookline (urban area) floor level apt, and she has some guy staring into her place. Is she Overreacting? Or Not?

Myself, I keep a baseball bat at the front door. Keep in mind, I used to live in the Brookline Area. Currently reside in a 'Greedy Bloodsucker' neighborhood of somerville.

Adam, you don't seem to mind pushing the causes of Mentally Ill Title IX Type, with fake rapes and such, to the detriment of actual rape survivors.

Privileged Bitch in Medford, with further property holdings further west: How do you take care of your major land holdings? Do you treat your tenants similarly?

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Consider asking your doctor about Xanax.

It also helps one's sense of security to not drive off all the people in your life with drunken lunatic ravings.

FTR: I started with exactly one unearned privilege: white privilege. I'm female, I'm not very feminine, and I grew up in poverty in trailer parks and went to four separate elementary schools. The rest of my privileges are earned through hard work and education. You might try that "earned" part.

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