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TV station picks up Herald photographer

Mark Garfinkel, laid off by the Herald in one of its stupider moves, reports he's been hired by NBC Boston, where he'll be doing both still photography and video.

He'll probably be competing at some news scenes with Stanley Forman, a Herald-American alumnus who now shoots for WCVB.

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But I wouldn't call it stupid for the Herald to let people go, the paper is operating on a shoestring budget with dwindling subscribers. It has to do what it has to. I'm surprised they still have Howie, but I guess they need one big name.

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How is it supposed to function as a newspaper if they fire their news staff?

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I'm always glad somebody has a job. ALWAYS.
But, that does not make the Herald 'stupid' -- or even close.
Economics always wins -- at your house -- and at the Herald.

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Congratulations to Mark! He is, in fact, a great photographer. It's good to hear he got a new gig.

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Great photographer and an excellent person, too.
I'm glad he has moved on to a better job.

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