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Two-alarm fire empties building on Summer Street next to South Station

Firefighter at Summer Street fire in Boston

Fire scene. Photo by Joe Ruscio.

The Boston Fire Department reports no injuries from a two-alarm fire that erupted shortly after noon in a basement electrical vault at 245 Summer St. - the former Stone & Webster building between South Station and the postal annex.

The department reports 2,500 people in the 12-story building were evacuated safely without any injuries. One firefighter suffered injuries not considered life threatening and was taken to a local hospital, the department says.

Firefighters were able to confine the fire to the electrical vault.

Many of the workers lined up on the Summer Street bridge and watched the firefighters in action (photo by Dave Wedge):

Watching Boston firefighters on Summer Street
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It may have been a "fault" causing the fire in the Vault.

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All my vault, um, fault. Fixed.

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Oh my...

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What does this have to do with the fire?

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>"Firefighters were able to confine the fire to the electrical vault"

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Don, don't you have someone at the BPL to agitate?

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So is this a Fidelity building as the other news outlets are showing?

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