Two Democratic hopefuls for governor mostly agree on things

WBUR reports on a debate at UMass Boston between Jay Gonzalez and Bob Massie.



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Neither one of them stand a change, particularly Jay Gonzalez former state budget chief under Deval Patrick. Haha, what happened under Deval. Increased taxes across the board and a $1B spent on a nonfunctional website.

And Bob Massie, an activist. Enough said!

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You laugh at the democratic

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You laugh at the democratic party in MA(which has controlled the state forever) yet there is a crazy christian pastor republican running for governor who had many delegates support him who blamed the holocaust on gay people and who wants people to be arrested for being gay. There are many republicans who agree with him. Your party is full of sickening intolerance and ignorance.

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The difference is

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The crazy pastor is going to have his butt kicked in the Republican primary.

Of course, the same thing is going to happen to the "winner" of the Democratic primary come November, but that's not the point. Or maybe it is.

Come back, Setti Warren. Come back.

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Are you sure?

The crazy pastor is going to have his butt kicked in the Republican primary.

Remember which crazy fringe candidate won the MA GOP presidential primary in 2016? I doubt I am the only "unenrolled" voter who usually chooses the Democratic ballot to consider going the other way in this primary, to ensure that Charlie Baker is the Republican candidate.

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