Uh, guys, there could be another nor'easter on Monday

No, we're not trying to be funny. The National Weather Service reports:

If the Alaska coast shortwave phases as shown on the GFS, we would expect a snowstorm to affect Southern New England starting early Monday morning and continuing through at least Monday night.

GFS is one of the computer models they use to put together forecasts. Now, they add another model shows the storm going further out to sea, but still giving us some snow. But, of course, it's still pretty early, especially for a March storm ...



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Spring has been backordered

March is going to be a very long month if we're going to have a nor'easter every five days or so. Not that it isn't a very long month anyway.

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Winter-related Complaint Least Deserving of Sympathy

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Years ago, overheard some fella in a bar lament about the prospect of a blizzard or Nor'easter on St. Patrick's Day: "I don't want no effin' snow in my green beer!"
(Disclaimer: He used a somewhat stronger word than "effin'")

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No, Just No

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My roof was half taken off on Friday. Spent Sunday and Monday patching it.

Last night water pool'd on it because the drain is fubar'd (I have a flat roof), and ripped some of the seam around the drain pipe vent, and sent water gushing into the 3rd floor unit's bathroom.

Spent a good portion of last night (roughly from 11:30p to 1:30a) pumping water off the roof of my four story condo building. I was cold, wet, and very sore after. It really was not fun.

You can see a video I shot while on the roof by clicking here

So I am totally over this weather. Not looking forward to pumping the roof every few days.

(and yeah its a total loss, but because of the storm(s), insurance carriers are very backed up doing claims. We were told a week or two at least)

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