UMass Amherst wishes it known it hates Nazis as much as anybody

But the Commonwealth's Flagship Campus would prefer it if students express their hatred for Nazis in ways that do not include the use of profanity if at all possible.

Buzzfeed, has a photo of one student's "Fuck Nazis" dorm-window sign, as well as background on why she felt compelled to put it up, and reports she was asked to take it down by a residence director for "reasons of inclusion."

In an official Facebook post, though, UMass Amherst apologized for the "poorly worded email", says it does not have a policy of including Nazis in anything and says the student can keep the sign up:

A poorly worded email from Residence Life staff asking students to take down the sign does not reflect the values of the campus, and it should not have been sent.

UMass Amherst emphatically rejects Nazis, and any other hate group, a view expressed in the students’ sign. However, we are sensitive to the use of profanity, which some could find inappropriate. The university respects the students’ right to display the sign and it may remain up.



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But us Tuition Fountains are still free to shout profanities and physically restrain any and all little prickwad shitheads we find drawing swastikas on or attaching white nationalist bullshit to taxpayer-owned property, right?

Just asking.


No. Because:

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Vigilante "justice" is bad.

Responding to words or placards you disagree with with physicality is not permissible in civilized society if the words or placards are deployed in a lawful manner. Marking up a wall with swastikas is not lawful, but placing those "white vanguard something something" adverts onto public billboards is.

I'd like to think your question was asked somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but knowing you, I'm half-certain you really do think it's A-OK to beat the shit out of someone with a bicycle lock if you're told that that person is a "Nazi." Just like I'm more than half-certain a whole bunch of U-Hub regulars think "Nazi" is a synonym for "anyone whose politics I don't like."

Scary times, eh?


i dont know

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lately Nazis have been pretty willing to explicitly and concretely identify themselves. i'd say most of those bros have it coming. you want to play nazi you deal with the consequences.


I do know

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that there are orders of magnitude more Nazis in the collective imagination of the mainstream American Left than there are in real life in the entire Anglosphere, maybe the entire Western World.


uh, okay..?

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That's cool and all, but you may be wise to have a look at the resurgence of violent white supremacy in recent years.

Nice try tiny tim

The grownups are discussing actual instances of actual nazis spewing hate symbols all over the living spaces where our children live.

And I find it surprising that a copfellator such as yourself doesn't know that restraining someone isn't vigilante justice - it is putting them in a headlock and sitting on them until the cops come.

You can go have your adolescent angst tantrum in your room.


Yeah, and if no crime occurred, then it's assault

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I don't particularly care for white nationalists, but if you're taking it upon yourself to physically assault people and deplatform people because Tolerance!(TM) then I'm not on your side.

Bottom line, lefties: don't make me or anyone else choose sides in a race war, gender war, or any other bit of the culture war. You won't like the results. I won't either, and it's pretty much my point that no one will.



Shouldn't you be at the Giant Inflatable Place running riot through the bouncy houses?

you realize

the issue is that UMASS didnt allow the student to post a “fuck nazis” sign? don’t be a dullard, it’s ugly.

my grandfather would shoot nazis

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if it was good enough for the greatest generation, seems like a little roughing up and banning is the least we can do now.


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How "grownup" of you to resort to sexual slurs, Surlygirl.

Do you speak to people in real life like that?


Oh, hey, look guys

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Roman’s here, cryptically defending the rights of Nazis to do their Nazi thing, while also assuring us that Nazis are just a figment of our addled leftist imaginations. Note the upvote brigading, as well; twenty crisp new American dollars says most of those thumbs-up came from .ru ISPs.

Which is to say: hey, Roman’s here to defend the Nazis. Must be a day ending in ‘y’.

Happy holidays, everybody else.



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It's the holidays. Let's try to understand him.

Threats to traditional white male social and political dominance, whether real or imagined, have to be terrifying. Roman needs a safe space.

Snow and what now?

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ICE?!! That's even worse! Didn't you get the memo? Also, winter sports, and by extension winter itself, perpetuate the white power structure. Or so I'm told. By people like you.

isn't it strange?

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How much these types seem to put so much emphasis and work into the whole, relatively insignificant, upvote thing?

Its almost like they don't believe their arguments can stand on their own or something.

The smokescreen is beautiful

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No one bats an eye at upvotes unless it's for something one of us says. In which case it has the be the work of a troll farm. It just has to.

Adam, settle this one: Do you log where the votes come from?


Nazi != politics I don't like

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Politics I don't like: most Republicans/Trump supporters who oppose things like a progressive tax system and expanded rights for women and minorities.

Nazis: The portion of the above who walk around in robes chanting anti-Semitic bullshit.

Group one I will not go after with a bike lock. Group two I will.

Was that so hard?


Ooh, I know how to play this game

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"progressive tax system"

Hiking up my taxes to pay for free shit for people who don't want to work for it. Free contraception, free college, free five-star medical care, free apartments, free food, free transportation.

"expanded rights for women"

I picture this as a purple-haired crazy with every possible piercing screaming "No Uterus No Opinion!" at the top of her lungs while protesting...not pro-lifers, not people think you should pay for your own damn condoms and birth control pills...but at a zoning board meeting discussing a proposal for a new coffee shop.

"...and minorities"

Uh oh: Adam better get the ban hammer out: I'm about to lay down a link to an Atlantic article written by a black guy:

And anyone who disagrees may as well break out the white sheets and tiki torches. I wasn't born yesterday dude. If I see you walking down the street I am keeping my distance.



Nazi = any little shit smearing swastikas all over everything around, including inside buildings where people live.

In this case this is EXACTLY what we are talking about.

Keep trying to make it something that it isn't. Keep pretending that it isn't a threat to someone of your religious heritage and immigration history. Keep hallucinating that someone writing "death to jews" in your dorm isn't a direct threat to you if you are jewish.


So let's unwind this ball of yarn

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You: someone writing "death to Jews" is a direct threat to Roman, a Jew

Me: Okay. That's fine.

You, by implication: They're everywhere.

Me: they aren't.

You: And you're one of them if you don't vote for socialists.

Me: Um wut?

Me: But since there are some out there, maybe free citizens ought to be armed in order to dissuade threatening words from turning into threatening deeds, and maybe I should be able to carry a gun on me for protection without risking jail time for having the improper kind of gun safe or having a dreaded dreaded 15 round magazine without a trail of paperwork proving it was manufactured before 1994.

You, erik g, and the rest: Oh you're totally a nazi. And a child. And a bitter old man. All at once. Up hill both ways.



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What the heck are you even on about?

So you have a kid at UMass?

You are aware that this has been happening?

That actual little shithead Nazis have been painting swastikas and anti-Jewish and anti-immigrant slogans on and inside of buildings?

Yes - you are indeed delusional.. Hopefully, you will grow out of it and learn some history in High School. Go run along and play.

Man, I'm sure glad I went to college in the 70s...

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Man, I'm sure glad I went to college in the's just too confusing now, no matter what part of the ideological spectrum one falls on. Back then, not only would the "Fck Nazis" sign not generated an email (had their been email back then), people had posters with mean looking "little old ladies" giving the finger, posters of Wile E. Coyote holding the Roadrunner by the throat with the caption "beep beep yur ass" (during the mid 70s "energy crisis" this was amended to "beep beep yur gas") and the ever popular poster of four human feet situated such that it was unmistakable what the rest of their bodies were up to. And lets not forget Farrah Fawcett and the classic Raquel Welch in an animal skin bikini posters. Nobody seemed particularly offended by any of this. Nobody was accused of "microaggressions", nobody needed "safe spaces". I wouldn't last 10 minuets on a college campus today.



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im sure glad people now are encouraged to think more broadly about the consequences of their words and actions within a larger context of power and privilege.

but hey, we're all nostalgic for something.


Yeah, I sympathize

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I went to school in the mid 2000s and it was just starting to get bad.

One dude I knew was accused of sexual harassment for snapping a photograph of a couple who were engaging in sexual intercourse in full public view. Campus police didn't want to touch it and kicked it to city police. City police came back with "no crime has been committed." Dude still had to lawyer up before the school left him alone.

All this Evergreen State stuff isn't new. It's been cooking for decades. Just spilling out into the open on account of easy electronic communication.



I'm betting you are class of 2022 - but keep trying to derail the thread with your adolescent angst.

I'm sure you are oppressed by your university banning clove-scented vape cartridges, too.

I'm betting

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that hypothesized graduation year will keep on incrementing as a substitute for you not having an answer any time I draw attention to your bullshit.


Timing is everything

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I wouldn't last 10 minuets on a college campus today.

That might depend on whether it was a dance school.


College in the 70s...

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Don't forget the Confederate flag acting as a window curtain at the Northeastern dorm on Hemenway Street all through the late 70's. Freedom of expression was a real thing back then.


in the

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first decade of the 2000's when I first entered the workforce as a callow and idealistic youth who is also male and ambitious I had to confront the reality that even in education the administration was largely made up of careerist dweebs/ sacks of shit. this was during the Bush II years, when the Scooter Libby school of management ethos seemed to be the way everybody was operating. I can't tell if it is better or worse now. back then, it seemed like nobody would bother to think except to lie, coerce and bully to save their own ass. that at least made sense. they were photo-fascist shitheads, carnival barkers all, who only cared about their career advancement. now, it seems like something else is afoot: people just have pure shit for brains.

i can't believe the university made the right call here. that is totally unexpected and really against the odds.

nazi punks, please continue to fuck off.


One student's equivalent take

Blasting this out his window at the loud boys in the complex courtyard: