US Attorney announces Dread Pirate Roberts approach to marijuana in Massachusetts

Like the Dread Pirate Roberts telling Westley he'll most likely kill him in the morning, and then not doing that, US Attorney Andrew Lelling told Massachusetts today he still must obey federal laws that ban marijuana use and production, but that he won't go after most users and legal producers in Massachusetts now that the state has legalized recreational use of the plant.

"I will not effectively immunize the residents of the Commonwealth from federal marijuana enforcement," Lelling says in a statement that then continues that he will, however, concentrate his office's anti-drug efforts on "the opioid epidemic that claims thousands of lives in the Commonwealth each year."

Still, Lelling cautions his office will keep an eye on certain marijuana-based crimes, including "overproduction" by licensed outdoor marijuana growers tempted to try to export some of their product to neighboring states where pot is still illegal; people who try to sell marijuana to minors; and efforts by organized crime and gangs such as MS-13 to distribute marijuana.



foregone conclusion

Federal legalization is inevitable, but if you think there's been a long delay in MA while forces maneuver in the background to position themselves in the market...

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Wish the Feds would

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Wish the Feds would investigate corruption in the legislature and AG office dragging their feet over the referendum and implementation of the law to line the pockets of cronies.

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Maybe in the long term

Given the Trump administration's desire to hurt minorities and democratic regions I'd be pretty concerned about sudden federal enforcement if I worked in the marijuana industry, irrespective of what they are saying now.

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Risk vs reward

There is a bonus for first movers in the market that may or may not compensate the risk of federal incursion. Once that risk is eliminated by change in federal law, expect more experienced corporations to roll in and buy up (or bankrupt) the first movers.

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Doesnt seem like there's

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Doesnt seem like there's anything to worry about.

surprising that the impediment to legal weed in MA is not the Feds but the State.

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Is it though?

For as progressive as The Commonwealth can be in some areas, they sure love their Blue Laws and antiquated thinking up on Beacon Hill and across various city halls.

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