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Veteran T cop charged with sexual assaults at North Station

James Floyd, 60, faces arraignment today on charges he indecently assaulted two women at North Station on March 29, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Floyd has been a Transit Police officer for 22 years, and has served as a plainclothes officer, according to his LinkedIn page. Prior to that, he served 11 years with the Winthrop Police Department.

Update from the DA's office:

Polumbaum told the court that Floyd indecently assaulted two women within a 17-minute time span on the afternoon of March 29. After the first assault, he allegedly offered the victim a knife and challenged her to stab him, then opened a collapsible metal baton and stared at her in a threatening manner before walking away. Both women disclosed the assaults, which were soon reported to Transit Police. Command staff terminated the detail he was working and relieved him of duty; he later resigned from the Transit Police.

The victims and numerous witnesses made themselves available to Transit Police detectives in the days that followed. Based on their disclosures and additional evidence gathered by investigators, Transit Police obtained a warrant for his arrest and took him into custody this morning.

The Globe reports both women are Keolis ticket takers.

A prosecutor asked for bail of $10,000, but Boston Municipal Court Judge Thomas Horgan released Floyd, a WInthrop resident, on personal recognizance.

Innocent, etc.


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These despicable acts occurred a few weeks ago. The whole state is mourning the loss of a heroic Yarmouth police officer and the MBTA decides to arrest him last night. The MBTA is trying to make sure this story is one and done. Why?

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The issuance of the warrant for and subsequent arrest of the former T police officer occurred the morning of 4/12, according to the update from the DA's office that is cited in the Uhub story. The murder of the Yarmouth police officer occurred later that day, in the mid-afternoon.

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All I know is that this guy was a police officer for 33 years. And then all of a sudden he loses it, and attacks two women. He doesn't sound like he's been a closet Harvey Weinstein all this time. What the heck happened?

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is that this is just the first time it was reported and/or the T acted on it.

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OMG anthor cop charged with a heinous crime!!!! i was worried for a minute that there might of been honorable department left in the city but just to keep up with the lieing stealing racist staties and the carjacking racist Boston cop convicted last week and of course the federal cop that raped his victim at gun point its comforting to hear the Transit police wouldn't be denied there moment of glory good job guys im glad my tax dollars are being well spent cant have too many racist sex offenders protecting the public

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