Veteran who really wanted to be a cop has bail set at $50,000 on charges he raped two prostitutes at gunpoint

A Swampscott man was ordered held in lieu of bail today on charges he picked up two prostitutes in separate incidents along Massachusetts Avenue in the Newmarket Square area and raped them, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Should Joseph Losano, 51, make bail, he would be required to stay out of Boston until his case came to trial, wear a GPS device to ensure that and to stay away from his alleged victims, the DA's office adds.

According to the DA's office:

In each case, a man matching Losano’s description and driving a white pickup truck consistent with the one used by Losano picked the victim up in the area of Massachusetts Avenue while she was engaged in prostitution. The victims were driven to unknown locations believed to be outside of the city of Boston and forced at gunpoint onto a mattress in the bed of the truck, where each was subjected to sexual acts against her will, [Assistant DA Ian] Polumbaum told the court. The victims in each assault were driven back to Boston, where one was sexually assaulted.

Losano, who served tours of duty with the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard and Air Force Reserves in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq, among other places, unsuccessfully tried several times for a career in law enforcement, first as a reserve officer in Swampscott, then as a trooper in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Swampscott rejected him - and asked the state Civil Service Commission to permanently bar him from lists of eligible candidates - because of an incident involving a gun that led the town police chief to revoke his gun license. In 2006, Losano won a $40,000 verdict in a federal lawsuit against the police chief, arguing the chief violated his First Amendment rights by allegedly blocking his appointment as a reserve officer to get back at him for filing an appeal of his license revocation.

Massachusetts State Police then rejected him, because of a 1995 incident in which he violated a restraining order against him by talking to the mother of the woman who had gotten the restraining order. . According to a ruling by the Civil Service Commission, he then applied for a job as a New Hampshire state trooper, but was rejected as unsuitable for reasons that included:

  • Finding of Fact #10: When asked by (a New Hampshire Trooper) if he had been involved in many fights while growing up, the Appellant responded that he had.
  • When asked if anyone had been injured, he responded, "some people were severely hurt";
  • Finding of Fact #11: (The Trooper) asked the Appellant if he had been in a fight, "where he actually bit a portion of someone's ear off?" The Appellant responded, "that might have happened";
  • Finding of Fact #12: (The Trooper) noted that the Appellant's demeanor was cocky and he had a smile on his face while saying, "no one messed with me"

Boston Police are continuing to investigate Losano's activities and urge any woman who might have been attacked by him to contact sexual-assault detectives at 617-343-4400. Anonymous tips can be called into 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

Innocent, etc.



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The sad thing here

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How many women did he attack and how many "fights" did he start civilians in the areas that he served?

Glad that there are rules about restraining orders (probably resisted by MSP) and questioning of applicants in NH to weed out the thugs.


Cheap shot at the MSP, anon.

" (probably resisted by MSP) " Backed up by absolutely no evidence.

As AG wrote, "Massachusetts State Police then rejected him". So any evidence here shows that the MSP wanted nothing to do with him.


Fair Shot

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Have you been paying any attention at all lately? They love to hide this sort of thing inside their ranks. Promote drug dealing girlfriends of brass and give them choice barracks. Cover for the daughters of judges and then admonish the cops who arrest them for their repeat drug and drunk driving offenses.


The Massachusetts state

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The Massachusetts state police have proven themselves to be a bunch of criminals who steal millions from taxpayers. They deserve the scorn.


From the cited article...

“I loved Afghanistan. A skier’s paradise, and the people were so nice too.”

I never in a million years expected anyone to say that, and I do know a lot of veterans of Afghanistan.


Tough Guy who is a thug

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And when he goes to jail he will be given several opportunities to prove how tough he really is. Thank the lord he was never given a badge.


How do you mean?

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Do you mean that you like the idea of jail being a place where people are threatened with violence?

I know who's in prison

People who sold marijuana. Some of them are quite friendly when they're not being threatened by a variety of forces which exist to make them the involuntary customers of a private prison concern.

I will go along with that

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There are a lot of very bad people in prison. I know that because I have had several friends who were in there with them, and they weren't bad people at all.

Lack of eduction coupled with 0 facts generally means nothing

As I have stated previously, generally I try to ignore your inane, trolling, comments. Every so often you do, however, spout off with just plain old bullshit that is so far off the mark, someone needs to point it out

If you would bother to obtain facts instead of pulling opinions out of your butt hole, you might not seem so stupid, so consistently. Read a book, magazine or newspaper som time, eh? Put down the libertarian and/or John Birch literature and educate yourself.

As of January 2017, using Massachusetts incarceration statistics, the governing offenses for those sentenced to DOC facilities were almost 70% for violent related crimes vs. 30% non-violent crimes. Of the total sentenced, 55% were for crimes against persons, 15% for sex-related crimes, 8% for property related crime, 8% for other crimes (e.g. financial?) and 14% for drug related crimes. What the statistics do not reveal is the type of drug related crimes (e.g. manufacturing, distribution, etc. or the type of drug involved. Moreover, to get sentenced to prison in Massachusetts, reality is you have to pretty much be a bad ass with a history of criminal convictions.

People are not going to jail for marijuana offenses - you make shit up.


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People are not going to jail for marijuana offenses - you make shit up.

Not currently. There are people in Massachusetts prisons now for marijuana possession however.

10-Year Marijuana Sentence?

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MJ possession was decriminalized in 2008. Are you saying someone in Mass is actually serving a sentence of over ten years for marijuana possession? Who? Where? Why isn't he or she the poster child for Marijuana Martyrdom? The very fact that we've never heard of such a person strongly suggests to me that this person is imaginary.

You have to look at the conviction to understand the sentencing

Massachusetts allows conditional release or alternative or diversion sentencing for people facing their first prosecutions. Usually, conditional release lets a person opt for probation rather than trial. After successfully completing probation, the individual's criminal record does not reflect the charge.

More importantly, however, is to consider the actual drug crimes that dominate the prison sentencing: in Mass, cocaine and heroin dominate the prosecutions and convictions, followed by meth & prescription meds - pot comes up quite a distance behind…and usually those convictions involve trafficking and/or distributions for in excess of 50 lbs.

You may know people in jail for possession of pot & they may characterize their offense as mere possession - the real answer lies in the weight of the product in their possession.

Dave from Boston

That's quite an impassioned response from a person whom

1) I didn't and have never attacked personally without provocation and

2) Should have no reason to be so upset that I suggested that people go to jail for weed. Who the (expletive) is the winner in that transaction? Do you own or derive income from a private prison, sir?

And when did I say it happened only in Massachusetts? You cited MA stats. I'm talking about the US of A and it's asinine AG who wants to jail people for weed while overruling the states.

Massachusetts State Police

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Massachusetts State Police then rejected him, because of a 1995 incident in which he violated a restraining order against him by talking to the mother of the woman who had gotten the restraining order.

On the face of it, that sounds rather harsh.

No, it doesn't

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It says that he doesn't care what the law or the courts say, he's just going to do whatever he wants anyway.

Not someone who should ever be a cop.


Good news

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There is actually some good news in this story. Three separate police forces all had their scumbag detection circuitry in good working order.

On the other hand five different branches of the Armed Services (let's hear it for the Coast Guard!) apparently had their alarms muted. Or maybe he was just what they were looking for. I hate to fall into that cliché, but the story provides some evidence for it. Unless, of course, that part of the story is bullshit. Is it really possible to serve in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and National Guard in one lifetime? I have my doubts.


Joe Lasano

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Joe Lasano has actually served in all five branches of the military and has supported and aided his neighbors, people of his towns that needed help, as well as his friends. I have witnessed him selflessly help people in crisis. ... I choose to believe there may be something else at work here behind the scenes possibly some form of retaliation. We must remember as difficult as it may be at times, that people are innocent until proven guilty. Sorry if this is not a popular thought and comment.

sound like this may not be black or white

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Wouldn't be the first time cops got hookers to implicate others for a "get out of jail free card". Last time I checked, prostitution is still illegal in MA.However his service record would seem to indicate possible PTSD. Something doesn't add up.

What doesn't add up

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That you want to give this guy a pass when he was under restraining orders even before he got to the military.