Wait, is Jim Cantore in Roslindale?

Because we just heard two claps of thundersnow here in our mountain pass along the Roslindale/Hyde Park frontier. Also heard from West Roxbury to Jamaica Plain.

Ed. note: Cantore is actually in Rockport.




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It's a three-fer!

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Just heard another clap. You can have your $500 million Powerball, to quote Cantore.

Have also gotten reports from Allston and Brighton.

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Heard it three times now in

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Heard it three times now in the last hour off Woodley in West Roxbury.

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I like Wundergound.Com because they allow local amateur stations to contribute information provided that they use a specific type of station and also that they are on-line to send the data.

I'm in Roslindale and there are stations on Rosecliff St, the Arboretum, and the next closest is in Milton. They also have live NEXRAD radar and their own "Wundermap" hi-res radar.

That said, their web pages are far too busy with multi-media and advertisements and their connection to the internet to the northeast is also not good. I'm on a 100 mb fiber line and I have problems bringing them in at times. My Win10 system is only a couple of years old, if that.

Today there have been periods when their page would not fully load and they gave periodic error messages that the radar was down, when in fact it was not. I suspect it was a generic error message caused by timing out.

So I found myself looking at WCVB's radar page.

I like Wunderground's weather bugs and 10-day forecast features and the local stations for local current conditions as noted, but unless their connections get better, and I have tested them with trace-route software, that could be a deal-breaker.

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I feel like Wunderground has been less reliable since they were taken over by the Weather Channel and it sounds like that is actually true.

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Heard about three claps of thunder in West Roxbury between 10:30 and 11:00. My thought: Jim Cantore must be in his cups.

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Heard it here in LA

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I was outside and heard it loud and clear. My two roommates were inside, and neither one heard anything.

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