Waiting for their clothes at a Zoots

Zoots line in Cambridge

Matt Cocco estimated 50 people waiting for the Porter Square Zoots to open one last time so they can get their clothes back - which had gone into limbo when the chain went bankrupt and locked all its doors a couple weeks ago.



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Funny coincidence

I was just thinking about Samuel Beckett (online image of a sculpture reminded me of his play "Happy Days".)

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You mean this isn't the line for Metallica tickets?

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Zoots Zucks

I gave up on Zoots years ago, when my sports coats smelled no better after Zoots had allegecly dry cleaed them.

I can't imagine who this company just bailed on it's customers leaving them without clothes for many weeks. Reportedly some folks received clothes yesterday that still weren't cleaned,

Good riddance.

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Should have stuck with the suburban/exurban market

I used to cycle on roads in places like Carlisle that were barely beyond campground access ways ... and the only other traffic tended to be a handful of luxury vehicles and Zoots trucks.

I didn't realize that they went to retail locations - seemed to me that they were doing quite a business in pseudorural places shuttling suits around. Their original business model was mostly pickup and delivery routes for places where getting to a dry cleaner was a hassle if you worked 60+ hour weeks and commuted a long distance.

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