Walking for an end to the violence

Marchers at the annual Mother's Day March for Peace

"Where does it end?" Remembering those lost to violence.

Greg Cook photographed the 22nd annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace, organized by the Louis D. Brown Institute for Peace, from Fields Corner in Dorchester through Roxbury and up Tremont Street to City Hall.

More of his photos.



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...you could organize one.

Having such a walk (march) is a good idea, but expecting other people to do your activism for you is not.

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A mothers love

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Is a blessing and these brave ladies are doing their best to help others to escape from the vortex of violence.

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God bless them

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And may they get some peace as they work towards the same. They're tough and good to hit the streets.

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Thats funny

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If i recall last week when police attempted to investigate a homicide people became belligerent and violent..

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