West Roxbury turkey goes on the offensive

Alderfish reports that Larry the Baker Street turkey, who has spent the past couple of months dodging cars on VFW Parkway at Baker Street, has turned angry and is now attacking cars, which is probably not good for his long-term health:

After becoming offended last night by a well meaning driver shooing him out of the way, Larry has decided to regain his dominance by fighting off advancing cars.



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You clean

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I'll cook.

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I've seen coyotes crossing the VFW Parkway.

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My husband and I call that

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My husband and I call that turkey Heihei, like the chicken in Moana, because he seems to be too dumb to live.

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I almost hit him on my way

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I almost hit him on my way home because he refused to move out of the way. And as I slowed down to make my turn the irate driver behind me almost rear ended me because she was too fixated on my brake lights to see what I had slowed down for. The turkey is going to get maimed at this rate.

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