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The Wharf - another outdoor brew pub

Castle Islands outdoor pub apparently didn't work by the Ink Block, but now the're apparently opening at Constitution Wharf in Charlestown https://castleislandbeer.com/constitution-wharf/ Neighbors have been caught unaware, no outreach to the community and/or neighbors.


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Best I can tell:

The one under 93 was supposed to open in May. Neighbors (and I use that loosely, because no one in Southie lives in shouting distance from the spot, and the only neighbors in the South End are the new Ink Block residents, and they live next to a noisy pollution-spewing highway on purpose, so I don't want to hear their complaints about a small beer garden underneath said highway) were also caught unawares, and at least the West Broadway Neighborhood Association demanded a meeting. So it was delayed, but also the meeting seems to have gone well and they were satisfied. But then it still didn't open, and apparently the BPD killed it over "safety concerns" which is interesting since there's a pedestrian and bike path there, and lots of people have to walk under 93 to go between Southie and the South End, so if there's something inherently unsafe about crossing Albany St (and it's not pleasant) I'd love to hear what it is and the city's plan to fix it.

I won't hold my breath.

And I'm not even sure a beer garden under a noisy pollution-spewing highway is a good idea anyway. The ass end of Fort Point channel also doesn't smell great at low tide. It was also covering the (half) basketball court which was one of the original touted amenities to balance the fact that the "Underground" is almost entirely a parking lot.

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