What better time than a nor'easter to fire up the grill and make some French toast?

Getting French toast ready in Uxbridge

Hardy New Englander Annette Fox had some French toast a la snow this morning in Uxbridge. She adds:

10 ish inches and no power, no problem.



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Nice Percolator

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I have the same one. Fortunately I didn't have to use it this morning.

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Don't percolate your coffee

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Did you keep yesterday's coffee to pour through today's beans to make your coffee this morning? Of course not. Don't use coffee to make coffee.

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Not the primary option, no

Will do in a pinch if your power is out and no other options. Or you are camping far from civilization.

Then it's DAMN good COFFEE!

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Boil the water in your percolator (NO COFFEE)...put the coffee in yesterday's t-shirt, pour the hot water through the grinds and shirt into your cup.

It'll still taste better than what would have come out of the percolator.

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I'll have to disagree. My

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I'll have to disagree. My percolator makes the hottest cup of coffee I've ever had. And it tastes damn good to me. And the best part? No hot water on plastic . It's all stainless. No poisons in my coffee!

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Camping Gear

I actually do use it for camping, but it does come in handy when other options are not available.

Used outdoors, of course.

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