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What's shakin', Roslindale?

Roslindale Village Main Street reports that Shaking Seafood, on Poplar Street in Roslindale Square, where Jersualem Trading used to be, has its "soft" opening at 3 p.m. on Thursday. The seafood place specializes in a Cajun style of cooking in which you pick your seafood and your spices, then they cook and shake them for you and you dig in.



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And how long before the novelty wears off ? Just fry the fish , keep the price reasonable , and feed the masses.And make the onion rings from scratch , not from the Sysco freezer !

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How dare somebody come into Roslindale with a different way of preparing fish!

If the concept doesn't appeal to you, don't go. If enough people agree with you, the place will either go out of business or change how they prepare their food.

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Holy Makerel , Kingfish, the dude must like his spices !

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It's a big restaurant and there are other ones open around town (brookline, Dot) so it's not a destination food place. I think it won't get enough turnover to survive but i hope I'm wrong.

Current Roslindale resto ranking (lunch places excluded)

1) Delfino
2) La Tacquerria
3) Pleasant Cafe
4) Birch St
5) Village Fish
6) Sofia's
7) Delfino bar place

Haven't tried yet: new Thai place where 7 Star was. Albanian pizza place on Belgrade. Various HPA eateries.

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It was pretty good. When I came in a couple minutes after 3, there were only 4-5 people there, but that tripled up in the hour+ I was there.

Breaking it down:

- friendly and attentive;
- as expected at cold open, still a bit rough around the edges;
-- didn't have proper equipment for the blue crab I ordered (ie mallet and knife). Got by with lobster cracker;
-- forgot to bring me a bib (luckily I knew to wear an 'expendable' shirt);
- a bit soft spoken (not unusual, ime, among Vietnamese folks) and with strongish accents. So as the place filled in I needed to take care to make sure I was hearing/was heard correctly.

- typical prices for restaurant seafood;
- came to the table HOT! Had to wait a couple minutes till I could handle the prawns comfortably;
- despite that, they were not overcooked;
- sauces were excellent. Heat-wise, the staff was suggesting that people go one level down from what they would normally pick, but the _medium_ I tried was perfectly normal for that descriptor. Next time I turn it up!
- Exactly as messy as any other shaken seafood place - ie, VERY! Don't do it if you have any cuts on your fingers, and don't wear your sunday going-out clothes! The last time I ate a pound of crawfish I didn't have a beard - that was a new experience!
- Corn and Potato were both cooked but not mushy - key to successful finger-eating!

- beer and wine only license (ie no liquor);
- they had prosecco and wine, but no beer (yet). Kegging issues, apparently. I suggested to my server that they might reach out to the folks at Turtle Swamp Brewery (who are doing the winter beerhall thang across the square) to see if they could come up with a mutually beneficial short-term arrangement.

Overall, I give the Shaking Seafood soft-open a B-, and expect that they will improve on that in short order.

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Thank you for the detailed breakdown. Sounds like this place will be a real solid option in a couple weeks when they have everything down.

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