Why did the turkeys cross the road?

Turkeys crossing in front of school buses at the Ohrenberger in West Roxbury

To get to school on time, Molly the roving UHub photographer discovered at the Ohrenberger in West Roxbury this morning.


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Where is Elmer? He hasn't posted anything adorable for weeks now.

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"Which way is West Roxbury Parkway?"

"Which one of you geniuses has a map?"

"Al did but he lost it somewhere in Dedham. If Fred were here he'd know where we're going, but since he's incommunicado right now we have to press forward."

"Yeah, the cops in Norwood didn't like Fred using the sidewalk as a bathroom."

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Could be worse...

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At least Fred didn't use the longfellow as a bathroom!

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I saw that...

Three straight years of repairs, delays etc. and the seagulls see it as "let's see who can hit the bullseye the closest."

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At least they are hustling. I hate when turkeys or Canada geese just saunter across the street.

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I never noticed the huge difference in school bus widths.

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I guess the one on the right is slightly closer to the camera, but still - Do the widebody and narrowbody both contain 2+2 seating configurations? Are the seating widths and/or aisle widths different?

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