Will utility company get pole and wires off Watertown resident's front bannister before next nor'easter?

Pole on front railing

FlyingToaster wonders if Eversource will come retrieve its pole before the Tuesday storm. The pole snapped and fell in the last nor'easter.



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Kinda :)

After DM'ing with Eversource, we're listed as "open and active" but behind the 25 customers still without power in Watertown (correctly) and no timeline on when they'll get to us. Seeing the fire from the lines in Charlestown, I REALLY REALLY want these wires back on the pole where they belong.

My insurance adjuster has been calling every day to ask if the lines are back up.

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Side door is safe

But it's on the other street next to my driveway, so I can't get mail (nor can my neighbor). The sidewalk in front is coned off because of the risk of the pole sliding further, or the wires breaking if it shifts.

The live wires were suspended until they cut down the limbs next door; now they're resting on my pine and my neighbors' trees.

We're probably fine right up until they get wet or weighed down with snow, i.e., tomorrow night.

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Have they cut power?

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They have at least made sure the wires aren't live, right? The danger is only from the pole shifting?

(Note: Edited substantially right after posting; had misunderstood something in parent comment.)

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Live wires

Which is why the Fire Department told us to stay the hell off of the front yard.

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Good-ish news

Eversource is here (even though they don't own the pole) and are moving their wires.

I am given to understand that the broken pole probably should not have been left on the remains of my front steps, suspended 3 feet above the sidewalk. Everyone working is shaking their damn heads over the situation. As soon as these techs are clear, I'll tweet an update.

We've got two cherry pickers and a supervisor, so I suspect this isn't a simple operation.

Verizon owns the previous and current pole (they replaced it Friday afternoon); RCN and Comcast are the cable services here.

Eventually DPW will have to replace the streetlight, but I don't see that happening before tomorrow.

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Further update

Well, we've had 3 Eversource cherry pickers (so far); the power lines are off of my yard and my neighbor's trees, which was the great worry for me.

But something must be going on with the pole on the other side of the tree missing its limbs; this has taken a lot longer (thus far) than the techs expected.

I'll take a picture before I leave tomorrow and tweet out an update.

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Verizon was responsible...

... their techs hung around for 2+ hours waiting for the treecutters on Friday, after installing the replacement pole.

What's weird is that Verizon didn't come back once the treecutters did. Because I have the photos showing how far the pole slid. They were expected to come and put the lines in a temporary clamp, so that we could reach our houses, my neighbors could leave their driveway and the mailman could deliver. And so the lines wouldn't snap if the broken pole slid all the way to the ground.

Eversource showed up, once they'd restored power to all but one customer in town. That customer went live while they were working on our wires.

The Eversource techs were sent out, and did the damn job. The Verizon techs weren't sent. This was an ongoing theme on Twitter today, which utilities were showing up and which weren't.

The pole is now resting in the hellstrip, ready for Verizon to collect.

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Nobody knew what to do with it, so nobody did anything despite the obvious hazard.

Dramatic pics on social media got attention, so somebody had to so something.

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