Winged terror: Another turkey crashes into a car hurtling down a highway

Aftermath of turkey strike

For the second day, a Massachusetts driver has come face to face with fowl death in the form of a turkey that smashed into a windshield at highway speed.

State Police report a woman driving south on I-495 in Norton suffered cuts from flying glass around 6 p.m. when a turkey couldn't get out of the way of her windshield.

State Police did not specify what happened to the turkey, but the photo suggests it did not end well for the bird.

Similar incident on the Massachusetts Turnpike.


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I am a turkey, fat and lazy

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I am a turkey, fat and lazy
What a life, oh ya baby
But a windshield struck
When I ran out of luck
Better that than mash and gravy

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I saw a dead turkey today

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I saw a dead turkey today right on 93N as I was merging on from 24N.

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I laughed when I read the

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I laughed when I read the tweet about this, but seeing the picture I realize it must have been utterly terrifying for that driver. Yikes.

I drove home from the Cape this afternoon and saw 4 turkey carcasses along the way. I guess drivers should be aware that they're around!

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Would a fence help? This

Would a fence help? This seems dangerous. Can Turkeys be trapped? (just for places that it isn't safe to shoot them). Clearly the population is high enough to warrant some population control.

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