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Woman rescued from water at Columbia Point

Boston firefighters lift woman out of water at Columbia Point

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters rescued a woman who had somehow wound up in the water off the JFK Library around 11 p.m. on Tueday. She was semi-conscious when brought up to shore and handed over to EMS for transportation to a local hospital.



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Even though I should know it's Wednesday (had to bring the trash and recycling out in this neck of the woods), I still somehow thought last night was Monday. Fixed.

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Is it legal for the BFD to publicly post these pictures?

More importantly, is it ethical?

If I was this victim I’d smack that fucking camera out of their hands. The media is one thing, but for a city agency to be tweeting pictures of victims is really creepy to me.

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And at that angle that woman could be ANYONE with dark hair.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but I can barely see the victim for all of the first responders and the top of her head looking like dark hair.

What do you see that I can't?

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I can see a black haired possibly Asian female passed out.

But it doesn’t matter. She was semi-conscious and they have a BFD camera all up in her face. Imagine coming to after whatever horrible thing happened to you and seeing the fire department sticking a camera in your mug so they can tweet it!

This is disturbing.

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It's a hard photo to make out what's what, but if yes, I'm pretty sure that's actually a Boston firefighter.

BFD has been running photos like this for years, to show how firefighters work. They've always been good at not showing victims, though.

Here is the original, larger photo if you want to take a look.

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I looked at the larger picture, and I can't see enough of the face on the dark-haired person to tell if she's Asian, Hispanic, white or any other ethnic group. I can't even see enough of the face to tell if it is, indeed, a woman, or some guy with a man-bun.

Obviously the BFD did not "stick a camera in (her) mug," because there is no "mug" to see in that particular photo.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this particular photo out of possibly dozens of photos taken was the one that they chose to publish expressly because there are NO easily identifiable facial features showing.

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