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Work could begin this spring on Haymarket hotel that will include improvements for the pushcart area

Architect's rendering of Haymarket hotel

Architect's rendering.

Boston and New York developers say they're on track to begin work this spring on a 265-room hotel on Blackstone Street between Hanover and North streets that will include upgrades to Blackstone Street - including a place for Haymarket vendors to stow trash.

The plans will also mean moving part of the bronze garbage embedded in Blackstone Street, according to a recent filing with the BPDA by joint developers CV Properties and Harbinger Development of Boston and Oshan Properties of New York. The new home of that part of Mags Harries's Asaroton, first installed in 1976, will be chosen by the developer, the city, the state and Harries.

When the hotel opens on the state-owned Parcel 9 - if everything goes according to plan, in the spring of 2020 - Blackstone Street will have been raised and repaved and pushcart vendors will have access to a 1,615-square-foot shed-like area in the hotel building in which to stow both trash and their pushcarts, as well as access to their own restrooms. New stanchions along the road will supply electricity and water hookups for the vendors as well.

The hotel will have no parking for guests, but will have a valet-parking area to move any guest cars to nearby garages. The developers say they doubt most guests will drive, however.

Parcel 9 hotel update (8.7M PDF).

Proposed Haymarket hotel


These guys must be confident that government will do everything to quash AirBnB.

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First, this was approved quite some time ago. Not a new proposal.

Second, the hotel room vacancy rate in Boston has been very low for quite some time. We have plenty of demand to satisfy the new supply.

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That's why crappy rooms are $300+ a night - way too few hotel rooms in boston.

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Sad to see the brass go. Can it be melted down and used for the botel's door handles?? So much for historic landmarks in Boston.

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Didn't they take it up during the Big Dig?

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It sure will be lovely for the tourists hear the most choice ethnic slurs from the vendors on sales days.

Also, to whomever gets the rat control contract here; You are going to be rich.

Glad to see this parcel getting built on though. My wife's 4 great grandfather built a house / shop just after the Revolution where the low rise part of the building meets the higher part across the street from Durty Nelly's. It stayed in part of the family until it was razed for that horrid offramp from the expressway southbound was built in the 50's.

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John, our great grandkids will be reminiscing about what your life was like in 2018 before anything ends up getting built here.


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That idle here non-stop. The rendering also shows a line of trees. I would love to see such strong specimen, but history has been that aforementioned buses spew fumes at them, they look sickly, then are vandalized and eventually sawed Down. I hope the future looks as green as this.

Shockingly, also missing proposed 9 story addition atop hard rock garage.

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It's not always the best idea to show projects in renderings that have yet to be approved by the city.

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Ok, so this is the vacant wedge between Blackstone and the Surface Artery. Not the southwest side of Blackstone with the permanent food vendors and Haymarket Pizza.

Do the Haymarket stalls make use of this vacant land currently?

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