Workers at eight Boston hotels authorize possible strike over working conditions

Unite Here Local 26 reports that workers at Boston Marriott hotels voted today to authorize the union's bargaining committee to call a strike.

At issue: "Relief for housekeepers from unsafe working conditions created by the so-called “Green Choice” program, and an equal seat at the table to decide how technology, which will affect the nature of work in hotels for years to come, is introduced."

The union represents 1,800 workers at the W, Westin Copley, Westin Boston Waterfront, Renaissance, Ritz Carlton, Sheraton Boston, Aloft and Element hotels.





Make A Green Choice (MAGC)

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Make a Green Choice (MAGC) is our guest-facing sustainability and loyalty program in which our guests can choose to help reduce our environmental footprint. Any guest at a participating SPG hotel can Make a Green Choice by forgoing full housekeeping for up to three days in a row (excluding their check-out day). For each night a guest opts into MAGC, they receive 250-500 Starpoints or a $5/5€ Food & Beverage voucher, while helping to reduce the use of water, energy and chemicals.

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whats not safe? their job

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whats not safe? their job security by not having to clean every room every day.

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Daily housekeeping isn't just

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Daily housekeeping isn't just a bonus for the guest - it allows housekeeping to be front line eyes and ears for when stuff is going on in the hotel or guests are effing nuts. I've seen rooms that were completely trashed - smeared with feces, rotting food, etc. However, a regular "do not disturb" sign can cause that too, so not sure if that's what they're talking about.

Maybe the housekeepers are concerned the green cleaning chemicals aren't as effective? Maybe management, thinking, "well you're not doing full housekeeping", is upping the rooms/hour quota? I'd honestly love to hear their complaints in more detail.

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How is the Green Choice

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How is the Green Choice program unsafe?

Also, whenever I read something like this:

equal seat at the table to decide how technology, which will affect the nature of work in hotels for years to come, is introduced

I always think that they are trying to delay new tech and processes instead of reforming.

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Ah, Marriott, Making Hyatt Look Nice

Remember Hyatt a few years ago decided to purge their union workers and replace them with even lower paid employees? This is worse.

Marriott, with assets of $9.1 billon, is trying to screw its lowest paid workers, the ones that have some of the largest interactions with their guests.

It is not just the Green Choice program here. There are plans to replace room service people with robots not to far in the future. Robots only make money for robot companies, not someone's mother living in an apartment in Chelsea.

These billionaires, who charge nearly $400 a night for a room at the Long Wharf Marriott, are trying to save a buck on the backs of mostly immigrant women.

Marriott is still further restricting access to the mandated public space at the top of the Custom House bit by bit.

If you supported the Market Basket workers. If you support the National Grid gas workers, you need to back these people. Avoid their hotels, avoid the bars in their hotels until these workers get the security they need.

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agree with everything here

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except: dont necessarily avoid the hotels. if they call a strike, yes, because crossing a legitimate picket line is a bad idea. but otherwise if you like staying there, great, just make it abundantly clear to reception and particularly management that you support housekeeping, you are aware of their demands and are watching very closely to see what management and corporate do in response.

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