Yes, you can still buy disco balls

Roslindale's disco alley

A group called Roslindale Wants to Play wanted to dance tonight, and they did, along the little walkway and alley from South Street to the municipal parking lot in Roslindale Square.

For five hours, the path - which the city had spruced up a few years ago with small, sparking lights embedded in the sidewalk - became the neighborhod's main dance floor.

Although the group has focused mainly on improving and adding playgrounds in Roslindale, it's also been looking at ways "to create playful, serendipitous experiences for pedestrians in Roslindale."


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That RoS logo is cool. Who made it, and can I get it in magnet form for my car?

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RoS Logo

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Hey, I'm part of Roslindale Wants to Play. One of our members has a background in design and came up with this logo. We haven't put much thought into whether we want to try to sell any items with the logo on them but maybe we should. Glad you like it!

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