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For $300, Amazon could have ordered a GPS from Amazon that would have kept another Amazon truck driver from smashing into that bridge in Dedham

KMV surveyed the damage at the East Street Bridge in Dedham, where yet another Amazon driver had the top of his trailer peeled back like a can of sardines overnight (earlier).

This Garmin GPS for truckers offers a variety of features, including "alerts for upcoming Bridge heights."



The tweet you linked to says this happened on Elm Street.

This one says East Street, which, looking at the map seems right since Elm doesn't cross under the tracks, but I'll check.

Dedham has an Elm St., but there's nothing resembling a bridge over it.

Bezos didn't make 120 billion dollars by equipping his drivers with unnecessary things like special truck GPSes.

Adam - the link for the Garmin goes instead to the tweet about the incident.

Sorry about that!