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ACLU sues state board on behalf of Cambridge bar over First Amendment issues

Cambridge Day has the latest chapter in the saga of the city of Cambridge vs. the UpperWest bar, in which the ACLU has sued the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission on behalf of the bar's owners. The commission agreed the city's repeated attempts to shut the bar down over tea candles was wrong, but upheld a license suspension for allegedly "threatening" city officials, which the ACLU says is a First Amendment violation.

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Jeeez, its just a small bar wanting to do business in a small space in a big town.
Its almost as if they can't afford the town shakedown under-the-table fees and just want to do an honest days work....
But I'm sure there's another explanation...

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Most business would just roll over and do what they're told. That's the cheapest and quickest option.

They are standing up for themselves. It's not cheap and it's not "good business" to fight city hall but it is the right thing to do.

Lots of people are rooting for them. I'm just bummed I didn't get a chance to go before they had to close.

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