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After losing bid to officially convert one Jamaica Plain house into a B&B, owner withdraws application for second

A scheduled hearing on a B&B operator's proposal to formally turn a three-family home at 23 Wyman St. in Jamaica Plain into a 13-bed "boutique hotel" today was canceled after he withdrew his application.

The Zoning Board of Appeal formally voted to deny Dar Sandler's application without prejudice, which means he can re-submit it at any time.

In August, the board officially rejected Sandler's similar proposal for a B&B on Perkins Street, which means he cannot resubmit a request there for a year.

At that hearing, Sandler and his planning consultant said they were seeking boutique-hotel designation as a way to continue to offer rooms after passage of the city's new short-term rental ordinance, which bars investor-owned short-term rental units - at the advice of officials in City Hall.

Visitors to the Wyman B&B Web site are advised that the facility no longer offers short-term stays; that only stays of a month or longer are being offered.

A month ago, a worker at the building fired on police after a domestic incident outside and was later found dead inside - after a police SWAT team escorted out other guests, who took cover in their rooms after the initial gunfire.

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Just use Airbnb. It sucks, but since Boston/MA lets people use residential homes for BnBs if they goi through Airbnb people should stop playing by the rules until they are evenly enforced. Baker took a lot of Airbnb cash and weakened the ability of cities to regulate them, and Boston like with many things mediated by silicon valley, wont enforce the rules. And one of the founders just made a bribe/donation to Boston Latin so thatll keep any regulations light.

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Other than that mistake, I have no idea what you're saying.

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Also rents out properties on Air Bnb

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However much you might believe, in your fevered imagination, that Boston Latin School somehow runs the city of Boston, I don't see how it's relevant to Nathan Blecharczyk's gift to Boston Latin Academy, which is BLS's woefully underfunded sibling, the former Girls' Latin School.

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