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Alleged dumbass National Grid worker gets taken aside for explanation of the niceties of free expression

WFXT has today's moment of sunshine from Belmont, where a National Grid worker who supports Dear Leader spotted a car bedecked with evil Elizabeth Warren, pro-LGBTQ and national-parks stickers and decided it made perfect sense to sidle up behind it in his work van and lay on his horn and when the owner of the car came out to see what the fuss was about cranked up the Rush Limbaugh on his radio and, after pretending to play dumb as he sat there in his Trump 2020 hat, decided to give the woman a piece of his big ol' mind.

And now he has to sit through lectures from his bosses about how that's not the best idea.

The unedited video.



people in unions who support trump might be the dumbest people alive. know which side of the bread is buttered, you morons!


For the 100th (expletive) time, Trump bragged about stiffing contractors for services rendered during the first debate with Hillary. How would this schumck feel about completing a project, and then just not getting paid? What's he going to do, repossess a gas main?

Donald Trump is what and where he is because he walks over people like this guy. I never needed any other argument against him.


Answer this....

1) What has Trump done thats anti-union
2) Why would i as a union member support single payer heath care, which would a) eliminate my current bargained heath insurance, and b) minimize my future collective bargaining.


found 20 examples like this with about 10 seconds of Googling.

Also, single-payer is not an idea supported by every Dem candidate for President. (Even if one got elected, I don't see it happening: it's a stake in the ground to get a public option added to Obamacare.)

But grasp either of these issues? I forgot: you're a Trumpie. Y'all make gnats look like Ken Jennings.


Also the most likely form of singer payer is a public option that would COMPETE would existing private insurers, which would mean more (ideally cheaper) options for unions to bargain for, not less.


In 1980, under pressure to begin construction on what would become his signature project, Donald J. Trump employed a crew of 200 undocumented Polish workers who worked in 12-hour shifts, without gloves, hard hats or masks, to demolish the Bonwit Teller building on Fifth Avenue, where the 58-story, golden-hued Trump Tower now stands.

The workers were paid as little as $4 an hour for their dangerous labor, less than half the union wage, if they got paid at all.


1) What has Trump done thats anti-union

Thanks for proving that you are, in fact, one of the dumbest people alive.


. . and so you could instead bargain for other things like higher wages and more paid vacation time?


Sure GM relented this time, but if I were a union member I wouldn't want to count on every employer always paying premiums in the event of a strike. And yeah, it's one less thing to bargain over, but it's also one less thing to worry about. Is it really a boon to argue about which party pays what percent of a number than just keeps going up by multiples of inflation when you could just bargain for more money? Also, there are plenty of other countries where private insurance either competes with a public option or acts as a supplement (which could be bargained for) to the single payer public health care.


Yeah, not to mention if you get laid off from your union job, which happens all the time, at least you'd still be able to GET health insurance.


As it stands, health care isn't a carrot to be bargained over, but a stick capital loves to use against labor.


Why on Earth would you want your boss to have any influence over your healthcare? Like literally any?


Hasn’t Trump built/rehabbed numerous buildings in NYC and other places? These jobs are done by Union employees. Trump has created numerous union jobs. His hotels employ numerous union employees.


In 1980, under pressure to begin construction on what would become his signature project, Donald J. Trump employed a crew of 200 undocumented Polish workers who worked in 12-hour shifts, without gloves, hard hats or masks, to demolish the Bonwit Teller building on Fifth Avenue, where the 58-story, golden-hued Trump Tower now stands.

The workers were paid as little as $4 an hour for their dangerous labor, less than half the union wage, if they got paid at all.


Trump Org. Uses Construction Company that Hires Undocumented Workers

"Trump says his company has stopped hiring undocumented immigrants — but his former housekeeper says that’s not true"

And another source,

Trump Organization under investigation for not paying undocumented workers


getting a major building built in a city without using union labor is nearly impossible. he had no other route to go, so i wouldn't go sainting him because he no viable alternatives.


You can say anything you want but without evidence your words are just bs and propaganda.

Even if Trump buildings did hire union workers so what? Every day he makes his hatred of immigrants plain. He wants them shot and killed; he relented when told that's a big no-no and suggested maiming them. Let's not forget about his desire for moats and poisonous snakes.


Carmella dear, why do you defend a man who wants to kill people?

“You can say anything you want but without evidence your words are just bs and propaganda.”

Aren’t several of your contentions without evidence and based on NY Times hearsay? So (in your own words) “just bs and propaganda.”

In case you haven’t noticed...and judging by what you just wrote, you haven’t....The NY Times has extreme bias and a bad habit of flat out lying.

Let’s let the book come out first and see if any of this is actually true before sounding the alarms...sound good?

The NY Times has extreme bias and a bad habit of flat out lying.

Evidence, please?

Ever see that hidden camera video? She’s the home page editor and talks all about the paper’s bias, amongst other things. I think there are 3-4 NY Times hidden camera videos in total... probably a bad source though, I’m guessing.

Sounds like a DWI.


Or brain damaged, hence the Trump hat. Further proof that you can tell how much of a dumb asshole someone is by how much they honk their horn.



of the old white man

despite theor bluster, the knuckledraggers and old folks are not having an easy time with this as they too see the cracks in FOX News' previously 100% pro trump agenda

they will be getting louder and more ridiculous and yes, some will even get violent

we'll survive this as a country but things are going to get worse before they get better

buy some popcorn and lock your doors


Last chance power drive?!?

The highway's jammed with MAGA heroes
On a last chance [white] power drive
Everybody's out on the alt-right tonight
But there's no place left to hide
Together, Donny, we can live with the racists
I'll love you with all the baseness in my soul
Oh, someday, Prez, I don't know when
We're gonna get to that place
Where we really wanna go and we'll build a wall around it
But 'til then, trolls like us
Baby, we were born to Trump


don't use the Boss for evil.



Don’t poke the beer.


If you're listening to Limbaugh and wearing a Trump hat, "playing dumb" is superfluous


worshipping a would-be dictator who doesn't give the tiniest actual shit about your interests is no way to go through life, son."


Your infringing on his 1st aMeNdment rites!

Since I'm not sure if you're kidding, I'll just leave this here

Also, it should be "you're."


hard-pressed to pack that many obvious spelling and grammar mistakes into one ten-word post. I think you missed the joke, which was garnished by a classic "Trumpie having a second-grade dropout's understanding of free speech" gag.

But that XKCD comic is always welcome!


Weird and evasive headline "National Grid worker apparently antagonizes woman..."

Channel 25 blurs out the alleged a-holes face. Why?

Classic drunken statement "you're on the opposite side of the complete.....(drunken pause).... universe of this country."

Clearly drunk on the job. And I'll bet it's not the first time.

I admire the self control of the woman doing the filming. I would have dropped mf-bombs as soon as I started the conversation. I also would have called the cops to report this drunken person who has been driving and is about to drive again.

And the MAGA hat while on the job. Happy to see America has been made great again.


In addition to videoing him.


Prediction: this guy's gonna turn out to be another crying Nazi. Aaaaah, consequences...


It goes both ways. It’s just that when it’s the other way, the media isn’t as motivated to report it.



A) Where did those incidents happen? This particular story happened here in Massachusetts, and is thusly being reported by Massachusetts outlets.

B) The man in this situation is on the job, and apparently driving drunk while on the job, which raises additional issues.

C) National Grid has been in the news numerous times recently.

D) That video has 150K views, and includes clips OF MEDIA OUTLETS reporting on the cases in question that you claim aren't reported on.


is that socially well-adjusted people don't fill a comments section under a video like that threatening gun violence against anyone who would harass them for advertising their political affiliations.

Trump loves to incite violence against Americans that don't support him. His followers are only too eager to comply. That's one reason that violent white-supremacist terrorism is on the rise in this country, a threat even the President's own Department of Homeland Security recently reported on. (If you don't like the NY Times citation, maybe it's because the right-wing media bubble you live in deliberately ignored the report.)

Trumpies: a dumb, violent threat to democracy.


There are loons on both sides, the left is completely unhinged in some cases which has been well documented, yet you have never once acknowledged any of it. Why is that?

I’m not defending the guy in this story at all, he sounds like a complete asshole... just pointing out your (continuous) hypocrisy on the subject.

the left is completely unhinged in some cases which has been well documented

Here's an ABC News story about 36 instances where Trump has been invoked in acts of violence or threats: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/blame-abc-news-finds-17-cases-invoking-t...


ABC News could not find a single criminal case filed in federal or state court where an act of violence or threat was made in the name of President Barack Obama or President George W. Bush.

Funny thing is, to me, you never acknowledge any of this, so it's quite rich of you to try to project that same gripe on people who have more left-leaning views than you.

Too bad, they’re literally everywhere. Sorry they couldn’t find any incidents where someone filed a complaint in court. What about Andy Ngo? That was a good one. How about the Covington kids? Ever see that one?

I’ll try to start an online petition to get claims filed in court so ABC can give you proof, I guess.

Andy Ngo coordinates with the right-wing groups that the anti-fascists protest. Regarding the "Quikrete milkshake,"


The bureau found no other evidence that the shakes contained any concrete material, receiving scorn for publicizing such information.



Vox has a good read about Ngo and his bad faith "journalism" or "coverage." I know you won't read it, but here it is anyway:


The Covington Kids who had a native American man beat a drum in their faces? Are you serious?

You're not even trying, my dude. But a good bonus for you is that Vox mentions the Covington kids in that article I linked.

It’s less about milkshakes and more about him getting jumped and hospitalized with a brain bleed...

Is Antifa a violent group overall or are their tactics are well-intentioned? I read your vox article. Looks like the author is split on that... and a quick glance at his Twitter shows his political leanings.

Yes, those kids. Seems awkward that a kid with a hat on would have that happen, but maybe it’s normal.

Jussie Smollett? The guy in the vape store screaming as loud as possible because a customer had a Maga hat on? UC Berkeley fires over Milo speaking (who even cares what he says anyway)? An old man getting harassed at Starbucks? How many hate crimes that wound up being hoaxes?

Maybe these are “anecdotes” as Deval once said. The right has loons too, I mentioned that, but let’s not gloss over the (insert growing number) of unhinged displays by the left since Orange Man was elected.

They’re out there... not all were cited in court, so will go unmentioned by ABC.

Finally a group to counter Antifa, who is outside in MN right now starting shit with the cops and lighting hats on fire, etc... just your typical run of the mill peaceful protestors... nothing to see here (obviously).

We have to stop the Orange Man though.

Anti-fascists weren't carrying guns. The group I listed aren't the only group like that. You've got to be a pretty scared person to be more afraid and concerned with some 20 somethings dressed in black with, allegedly, bike locks than you are armed conspiracy theorists. It's an incredibly bad look.

of drunken lard poured into a pair of unwashed jeans.


The National Grid worker's boorishness aside, the real story here is blue collar union workers going en masse for President Trump at a time when the Democrats need every state after their electoral college landslide loss. I believe the National Grid gas workers are members of the United Steelworkers so losing them is a huge loss for the Dems. If this guy is comfortable enough wearing Trump gear in a union shop in deep-blue MA, then it's safe to say there are many more like him nationwide.

My technique is more civil. I would avoid the Warren supporter at all costs but if necessary to discuss politics, I'd say, "Great to see Elizabeth doing well, I hope that Indian stuff doesn't come back to haunt her, Harvard must have known she was white to begin with so it's not all her fault." It's a nice factual but cautious way to end the discussion and probably wouldn't generate a citizen's complaint from some far-left busybody.


Unions still largely support Democratic candidates. Trump made some gains in 2016 among rank-and-file union members despite their leadership's efforts to highlight the yawning gap between what Trump says ("I love unions!") and what he actually does both as a businessman and driver of federal labor policies ("Union workers can FOAD!").

It remains to be seen whether the union members who got suckered in 2016 will remain in the depths of Chumpsville in 2020.


I agree that most of the six figure union hierarchy, most of whom haven't gotten dirty in years, will go for the Democrat but the strength of the union is the rank and file who are now refusing be pigeonholed as Dem year after year. When the average union worker makes far less than $83,000 a year but sees Biden's degenerate kid making $83,000 a month, it's no wonder that union workers would look to Trump. Why is anyone surprised? If socialist Warren gets the default nod, the Boston Police Patrolmen's union endorsement of Trump on the Boston Common will be epic. Pencil-in Marty (if he's still in office) and Rollins for a vacation day, they won't want to be anywhere near the endorsement or far-left riots that follow.


How are Trump's degenerate kids doing these days? Cashing in, it seems. Even son-in-law Jared gets to use the middle eastern peace process as his own personal sandbox. This isn't even pot-and-kettle, it's pot-and-industrial-sized-vat.

Also, let me check your logic here: union worker makes far less than Trump, Biden's son makes a lot of money and is (possibly) kind of shady, so union worker should resent Biden and put his support behind Trump, who has even more money and is ridiculously shady? It never ceases to amaze me how blue collar people keep looking for a rich messiah figure to run things. It's like they want some millionaire Willy Wonka to swoop in fix all the nation's problems--it got them an oompa loompa instead.

There's a great New Yorker cartoon where a bunch of sheep are out in a pasture, and overlooking that pasture is a billboard showing a wolf who's running for office. The wolf's slogan, featured prominently on the billboard, is: "I'M GOING TO EAT YOU." One of the sheep, perhaps not the brightest, looks up admiringly at the billboard, and says: "He tells it like it is." That's where we are at this point. Every time I consider that we have polluters running the EPA, an anti-public-education dilettante running Education, industry hacks trying to kill net neutrality in the FCC, etc., and I start to get down about it, I can always take solace in knowing that this dysfunction represents exactly the government we deserve.

As to socialism, I'll take it over the current model of government-for-profit any day. Ever spend any time in Europe? Socialism works just fine. Contrary to what you hear on Fox, socialism and Stalinism are two different things.


I’m not saying you’re wrong about Europe or socialism in general, but what are good examples where it works?

A few of us discuss this from time to time and I haven’t found any particularly appealing examples of it.

what are good examples where it works?

Where a stronger country/bloc provides the HEAVY burden of protection.

And even then it is showcase status at best.

Straight up capitalism works great when you're the one with the capital. Being a tick on the neck of the developing world looks pretty good when you're the tick.

Why would it be epic? The NEPBA and the national FOP endorsed Trump last time, much to the vocal dismay of a good number of their member unions. BPPA's political preferences are well-known to everybody in the city. Nobody cares, and your suggestion that the eventual union endorsement of Trump would somehow be a response to the Democratic nominee is disingenuous at best.

Police unions are single-issue organizations: are you a "thin blue liner"? If so, you've got the endorsement. Anybody with an ounce of nuance of their views of policing is disqualified. Trump doesn't actually care about the law or those who enforce it, as evidenced by his life-long hobby of breaking any law he can find, but he's very willing to display the correct tribal markers in public, and that's all police unions seem to care about.


Trump doesn't actually care about the law

I disagree.

President Trump keeps winning and winning and winning.

I posit that not only does he care about the law, he is highly intelligent enough to use it to keep winning.

The guy is quite savvy.

doesn't care about repeatedly committing crimes and getting away with it, and I don't care if he does, either."

Because you're an unpatriotic American.

bizarre non-sequiturs. The facts from the Journal article you didn't bother to read (or maybe aren't numerate enough to grasp) say that union members, not just leadership, voted Democratic 54% to 39% Republican in 2016.

Since then, Trump has flopped hard on his promised massive job-creating infrastructure package, scaled back overtime and other worker protections, and nominated Baby Scalia, a committed enemy of union labor, for Labor secretary.

Shell's union workers (in Trump-voting PA, no less) are such huuuge Trump fans that the company had to threaten them with lost wages if they didn't attend a Trump rally: https://www.axios.com/shell-union-workers-trump-speech-wages-warning-ceb...

You might be stupidly self-sabotaging enough to vote for Trump again, assuming he's not trying to get elected from his fortress of asylum in Saudi Arabia by then. I'm guessing union members will notice how Trump has been bending them over, and won't get fooled again in 2020.


That swing demographic of older white guys without a college degree. Very much up for grabs!


Magoo does not endorse this type of behavior. In fact this calls for what Magoo refers to as a Magoo-wham-Bam-body-Slam, a legendary WWE move involving Magoo jumping from the corner post doing a loop d’loop and landing bum down on the offender’s face capping the move with a smelly toot. Magoo.

its NOT gonna happen.


this one and trophywifelinda are never seen in the same room at the same time, eh?

give it up, bruh. not funny or even interesting.


This guy is a gas worker for National Grid? And he may be drunk? That in itself is a major public safety hazard.


Blotto to BLAMMO!

I'm sure he'll get fired from National Grid for this and end up working for Columbia Gas in no time!