Another local Craft Beer Cellar shutting down

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the impending end of the Craft Beer Cellar franchised shop in Fort Point, even as the Craft Beer Cellar in Roslindale was having its final days.



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Craft Beer

Cheap regional domestic pilsners (Narragansett, Gennessee, Old Style et al) > Heartburn inducing, expensive, elitist "Craft Beer"


Just sayin...

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I had to thumbs up this and the op. They both "felt" right to me... :)

It's tough to beat your basic packie

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I don't applaud the death of these craft beer stores. However, people are so used to being able to go into any of the thousands of liquor stores and having a full range of options available. Even though I do prefer a craft beer, if I also want a bottle of wine and some vodka and, yes a 12 pack of Bud Light, why would I choose to go to more than one store to buy everything?



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Was going to say the same. And the liquor stores have stepped up carrying more local beer. Went to the cellar in Rozzie a few times and it was great. But I can get everything I want at Macy’s.

And in most parts of the country

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you can buy your beer and wine at any convenience store, supermarket, gas station or CVS/Walgreens-type drug store.

What a concept.

That said, the Fort Point store was in a weird location inside an office building where you had to enter through a side door.


These Craft Beer Cellars are

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These Craft Beer Cellars are amongst the small handful of places that actually carry a selection of cider that is wider than "Angry Orchard and Downeast," so I'm pretty sad about multiple locations closing.



It's sad to see both of these go. For as much intra-franchise drama as there was around CBC, the individual shops have always been good when I visited. All of their locations have had knowledgeable, helpful staff who do really know their stuff when it comes to beer, and are happy to share the knowledge with you.

I also strongly disagree that local packies are good enough solutions for people who like beer. While there are a few who have stepped up their game to really do good beer sourcing, most are still only carrying the sure-fire hits from established brewers. Much like comic and music shops, beer-specific shops help expose fans to new flavors and styles that they might not have tried out before while, hopefully, welcoming new people who are interested in finding out what the fuss is about.

Specifically, one of my favorite parts of the CBC model is selling by the unit, not the pack. In a time where pastry stouts, triple IPAs and other time and/or ingredient intensive brews can easily hit $6 a can, it's helpful to be able to mitigate your risk before diving into a $20+ 4-pack. This lets me discover more enjoyable options, more easily, something I value greatly.



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That was one nice thing about craft stores is they had sampler packs. I do think most of the larger liquor stores have a great beer selection now, with all kinds of formerly hard to find brews. But it's harder to experiment when you have to buy all 4-6 of the same.

People who like beer?

I understand what you're trying to communicate here but to dismiss people who are fine with getting beer at the local liquor store like Blanchards, Gary's, etc... (YMMV depending on location) by they don't serve people who 'like beer' is just pure snobbery. I like Boddingtons and Harpoon (and more) as refreshing drinks. That doesn't mean you don't love your microbrewery super hoppy exclusive IPA growler you drove out to New Hampshire to pick up on limited release. It just means we can enjoy beer in different ways.

Sampler pack/singles

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Marty's on Washington St in Newton allows you to get singles or a mixed 6-pack and it seems like they have a pretty good selection of craft brews, including ciders. Maybe it is because they are copeting with the craft beer place a couple blocks away, but it is possible for larger liquor stores to offer this as well.

Isn't it amazing

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What competition will do? I hope people remember that when they think "we don't need another liquor store/restaurant/bar in our neighborhood".

Not enough monkeynauts around

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Monkeynaut: I completely agree with your post. The problem for craft beer stores is that there aren't enough people like you around to keep them all afloat. That's too bad.

Yes to 1 or 2 cans

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One of the best parts of this store was buying just one or two cans, or buying a 6 pack of different beers all of the same style (for example, I wanted to try a bunch of Porters and see if I liked the cheaper ones or the more $$ ones or if I don't have a discerning palate - the guys here helped me (and the answer is C, I do not have a discerning palate)).

At some point the craft beer

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At some point the craft beer enterprises become a business that must be self sustaining with loyal customers. The shine is gone off the product and what was once an enlightened hobby turns into a numbers grind.And not every beer enjoys the good fortune as did Sammy. Drink early and often.