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Another smashing success on a Jamaica Plain parkway

Downed pole at Centre Street and Louders Lane

A resident of that part of Centre Street that connects the Arborway in Jamaica Plain with VFW Parkway has forwarded yet another photo of yet another light pole taken out by one of the area's many fine motorists, sometime last night, at Louders Lane, just south of the Rotary o' Doom.

"Looks like it may have been hit by a car coming down Louders or a car veering on Centre," she reports, adding that two other poles that had experienced similar fates were only replaced about a month ago.

Maybe time to rename Louders Lane as Crash into Things Early in the Morning Lane.
Driver takes out light pole on JP parkway.



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Is someone forcing you to read this blog? Have you notified the police?

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Drivers have found yet another way to inconvenience and endanger others - even after they've left the scene!

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if you're a light pole...

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Your gonna get hit.

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ends at the intersection with Centre Street by Hebrew Senior Life.

Centre Street continues south along the Arboretum - and by the Faulker Hospital - crossing the Arborway at Murray Circle.

Louders Lane definitely intersects with Centre Street. In 2015, DCR had several Arborway Meetings: Centre St Corridor Study. This was one of the intersections to be addressed.


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And this hydra-headed monstrosity known as the Riverway, um, Jamaicaway, um, Arborway, um, Centre Street, um, VFW Parkway, is one of them.

Yes, the crash was on Centre Street. I didn't put that in the headline, because "Centre Street" sounds like the crash happened in front of JP Licks or something. And then I was trying to describe where exactly it did happen - on the road between the Arborway and VFW Parkway, also known as Centre Street.

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“Pond Street”, no? The Arborway ends at Kelley Circle, and the J-way doesn’t start until the boat house. At least according to gmaps.

You’re probably the only one who’ll care, but still...

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Whatta ya know -- I pay attention to this stuff, and this is news to me.

Decades ago the MDC must have had an aversion to renaming local roads that they took over for parkways.

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You can go from Charlesgate to the Fenway, Riverway, J-Way, Pond St, Arborway, Centre St, VFW Parkway and then on to Route 1, which is sometimes the Providence Highway but then also Washington Street (yes, the same Washington Street).

Or go the other way through the rotary (which is straight, anyway?) and the Arborway turns in to Morton Street which basically turns in to Gallivan Blvd which basically turns in to Morrissey. Which turns in to Columbia Road which turns in to Old Colony Road which turns in to Dot Ave … all by following the most reasonable path forward.

My favorite might be in Brookline, though, where if you start out on Reservoir Road and go straight, you go on to Crafts, Dean, Corey and Brainerd, over the course of two miles, without using your turn signal. (Well, without being supposed to use your turn signal, this is Boston after all.)

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Nobody uses those, anyway, the things they don't use are "blinkahs" anyways.

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You mean "indicatahs".

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