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Aussie meat-pie place to stay open on East Boston waterfront for at least another year

KO Pies has become the Dread Pirate Roberts of East Boston Australian meat pies: The East Boston Times-Free Press reports that after getting ready to shut down this year, KO will be open through 2020.

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... I’d hate to live near it. Can’t even eat there. Bad music blasting all the time. Have these people never heard of earbuds?

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If there was ever a post that deserved an "ok boomer" response here we are.

1. They have seating. And more than they used to.
2. I like the music.
3. No need for earbuds. It's an industrial park and the closest houses are up the hill. Not to mention they close super early.

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There are condos on the right, piers where people live in their boats, homes just behind and workspaces opposite where people also live.
The seating is pointless because you can’t have a conversation anywhere within10 feet of the place. They don’t allow dogs. The loudspeakers can be heard in all three parks nearby.
The pies are good but overpriced.
Nobody enjoys your taste in music, fool.

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I frequent KO Pies every week, your comments are lies. The music is never loud unless their is an event or fundraiser and they are always done by 8. They don't allow dogs because the city of Boston's Board of Health does not allow dogs unless they are a registered service animal, if you know anything about the law, this does not include emotional support animals. Quit spewing lies you ignoramus.

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Oh no, what will you ever do without dragging your untrained animal to dinner.

Your dog doesn't want to mope under a table for half an hour. Let the poor creature nap at home like it wants to. Sheesh.

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I have stored a vessel for years at Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina. I am acquainted with the proprietor of KO Pies and have spent many a pleasant hour there after a day of hard graft on my aforesaid 'yacht'.

- Music ... There are indeed condos on the right. Maybe they can hear his music; maybe not. The speakers point toward the harbor. They have the right to bring it up as an issue if warranted. That said, the place closes down relatively early. I can barely hear the music when my boat is stored near the Pilots' building directly opposite.

There is zero chance that liveaboards in the marina can hear his music. The docks are quite a distance away. I have kept my vessel in the slips. One cannot see [buildings intervene], never mind hear, KO Pies.

The proposition that the loudspeakers can be heard at Piers Park is a stretch. My boat is located over that way this year; I wouldn't have a clue whether KO is open or closed.

Musical taste ... no point in engaging.

- Dogs ... The owner welcomed dogs; until their irresponsible owners caused issues. I believe a patron was bitten. They were banned in phases after lesser measures failed to address the concerns.

- Value for the product offered. Again, no point in engaging. Maybe some patrons visit once, feel 'taken' and don't return. We see plenty of 'regulars'. As the French say, à chancun son goût.

A common refrain ... KO Pies has a good vibe and is unique.

Your multi-pronged damning of the place must involve a backstory.

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Your complaint is that the noise is too hard on people who live next to an airport in a non-soundproofed boat right?

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Don't get your budgie smugglers in a pinch, eh?

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I live less than two blocks away and they're fine. Even when dining there, I have never once noticed the music.

There is only one condo building remotely within earshot and I'm sure they get worse noise from Logan and the active shipyard that they can see from their front windows.

Sorry they didn't play Freebird for ya, gramps.

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Have been there numerous times and music has never been loud. Good food in an interesting area.

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We’re closing, we’re not closing, we’re selling the building, we’re not selling the building, too much construction around here, no place to park, we’re closing.

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It wold be sad without them :' (
if the lobster trap next door cant handle it then bugger off into the harbor

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