From the auto yards of East Boston to the museums of the Fenway, Bostonians root for the Patriots

Danilchuk Super Bowl display

Greg Cook Danilchuk Auto Body's annual Super Bowl prediction in East Boston.

Along the South Boston Waterfront, people - and cute, fluffy baby goats - made their preferences clear:

Both the MFA and the Gardner searched within themselves to find tonight's winner:

Even way out in Williamstown, the Clark Institute got into the act:



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I like it

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In fact I love it. Minus the fake racist accusations.

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Holy Name Church WR

So I am in the fifth grade. Little Capecoddah, at his desk, diagramming sentences and working on Latin declensions or something.. and in wheels this big ass black-and-white Zenith by sister Ruth. The Celtics are rallying at City Hall. They won a big game or a pennant or some trophy.

Larry Bird: "I guess Moses does eat shit."

Sister Ruth quickly rolls the big ass black-and-white Zenith out of the classroom.

I love when churches do that.

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