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Back Bay cleanup underway

Buckled pavement after water-main break in the Back Bay

Rick Macomber shows us the aftermath of the water-main break at Commonwealth Avenue and Exeter Street last night.



That’s the Boston I know

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Not so much. Water main breaks are pretty infrequent here compared to similar older cities.

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They were probably referring to the condition of the roads.

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And this, my friends, is why you may have woken up to helicopters over the city around 7am.

Reminds me how ridiculous local TV news can be.

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An aerial view can give some indication of how widespread the flood is. Though a drone flight would serve the same purpose without the noise of helicopters.

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By 7am, it was just a hole in the ground, a bunch of BWSC trucks, news vans, and police cars. The flood waters were long gone.

There were also 4 or 5 news vans, each one with a reporter applying make-up in the front seat. There was certainly no news breaking.

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Prayers up for the denizens of downtown Boston who must be inconvenienced by noise. Don't people know this is a quiet part of town?

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