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Beacon Hill's Hungry I could be replaced by bookstore and cafe

The Beacon Hill Times reports on one Beacon Hill resident's plans to turn the now shuttered restaurant on Charles Street into a cafe on the first floor and a bookstore on the second and third floors.

The Hungry I, of course, was a French bistro and had nothing to do with the Naked i, a Combat Zone strip club that was long ago torn down as part of the construction of the Archstone luxury apartment tower on Washington Street.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk.

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The Hungry Eyes

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Real I's realize real eyes

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Hungry i was a club in San Francisco, where many comics and musicians got their starts. Lenny Bruce was a regular, and Barbara Streisand did her first gig there.

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We're still allowed to have those?

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Coffee, snacks, light meals, AND books?
As long as there are tables or stools at counters to read at.

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