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BFD saves Pleasure Bay swimmer from drowning

Bringing Kai to shore

Bringing the victim to shore. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports that around 9:40 a.m., its dive team rescued a 12-year-old dog who swam out too far in Pleasure Bay and then couldn't get back to shore.

The rescue happened approximately 200 feet from shore. The owner stated that Kai likes to swim but went out a little too far and wasn’t able to swim back. The dog was in the water approx 30-40 minutes before BFD arrival.

The department adds:

The companies just had water rescue training last week and it showed today. A great job by all ,and a happy ending. Kai was treated @BOSTON_EMS and went to the hospital with the owner.

Photos by BFD of the moment of rescue and Kai getting some oxygen before the trip to the animal hospital:

The moment of rescue for Kai
Kai getting oxygen
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Thank you, BFD!

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Ruff day

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I assumed he'd have posted on here to demand that the owner be charged for rescue costs?

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I saw Rescue 2 BLASTING down Columbia Rd in Dorchester at about 9:40, followed by the rehab unit, and figured something was up.

Question: does anyone know how the boat is transported? The guys in the boat are wearing R2 gear, but I'm not sure whether the truck carries the boat around at all times.

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