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Bicyclist hit, killed by train in Beverly

Update: WCVB reports the bicyclist, Emerson College Prof. Moses Shumow, died.

Transit Police report a man on a bicycle was hit by an outbound Newburyport/Rockport train at the Beverly Depot station around 8:20 a.m. He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.




Always sad when someone gets hit. Although T has no blame if the signal was working correctly.

I'm always surprised at the number of people on foot, bike, or car that cross tracks when the signal is on. One would think it's the sort of thing that no one would dream of doing, yet, a few people in Boston get struck every year plus plenty of cars.

EDIT: He was crossing at the station where there is no specific warning like at a street crossing. He must have not heard or seen the train. Very sad.

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There is no visual signal there. Train was signaling upon arrival. It is a flat platform. So easy to go on autopilot and lose your surroundings. Wish it was a raised platform. It’s one of the most unfortunate and scary things anyone will witness. Trains pull into the station at an alarming speed.

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train horn bans should be abolished. And yes, modern trains are amazingly quiet.

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Reains are evil! What a scourge! Can't believe these are subsidized to the level they are! Train riders get a free pass to just mow down bicycles at will! How do you people sleep at night?!?!?

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See, the difference is that there is extensive evidence that:

  1. There is a lot of negligently bad automobile driving out there.
  2. Although negligently bad driving is technically illegal, we do little to enforce the laws.
  3. As a society, we don't seem to give a shit: we invariably give a pass to those who drive drunk or otherwise drive criminally
  4. Our tolerance of negligently bad driving results in the completely avoidable deaths of thousands of innocent people every year in the USA

On the other hand, pretty much none of these applies to train operators.

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Need N.U Furth study to see why we need 2 sets of tracks.

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Obviously the train operator's fault.

Why didn't he swerve to avoid the guy on the bike like the engineer did in this photo?


Given what happened, maybe delete this?

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I heard on WBZ AM earlier that it was an Assoc Prof at Emerson and he is deceased.

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