Boston drivers aren't letting the lack of snow keep them from getting all winter aggro

The several gazillion tons of salt public-works crews dumped on Boston streets the other day have turned vehicles into impromptu canvases for messages. As seen on this SUV in Roslindale, not everybody's a fan.



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Stay Classy

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Stay Class, Boston, as always.

But I second the salt thing. I rented a SUV Friday. It just had been detailed and washed. When I returned it, a day later. The outside was nasty. It was black so every spot showed.

Yes, that was a bit of salt

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I understand why Boston went so heavy on the salt - snow squalls followed by a rather dramatic temperature drop - but, yeah, even today I had to hold my mouth closed while getting in the car to avoid a mouthful of salt. Here's the view of our road a few minutes ago - look at all that salt there (it's not actually quite that bright; I have a Pixel and its darkness correction mode kicked in):

White road

We know why

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We know why there is a gazillions tons of unnecessary salt out there right now. Union guys and contractors got lots of overtime. It has disgusted me. I taste it when it's windy, feel sad for pups, continuously clean my front foyer, and I'm now praying for a good solid 12 hour rain.

Glad Someone Brought it Up

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Icy roads can kill. But the salt usage here is so much more than I saw in other frozen cities there’s no comparison. Pets feel the pain on their bleeding pads, the soil is made uninhabitable to plants, and infrastructure deterioration is accelerated. Seeing our local truck with the spreader running while the driver took a phone call made me wonder out loud if they are reimbursed by the pound. It’s a tough call but we’re way over on the heavy salt usage side of that line if you ask me.



How many Bostonians does it take to wash a car?

Go fuck yourself.


Road Salt Salesman

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Must have a deal with Punkic Works. There is way too much salt spread on the roads in proportion with the amount of snow and ice that falls.
Road salt is harmful to the environment, the water table, cars and pets (please don’t ask for sources).
Maybe they got free tickets to the Super Bowl.


For dogs, use boots

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Yes it's a pain to put four boots onto a dog every time you go for a walk in the winter, but Rover will thank you. It protects their feet from the salt *and* the ice and is worth the investment--even if you have to buy a new set every winter (salt wreaks havoc on the boots--just imagine what it does to their feet.

A lot of that salt also ends

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A lot of that salt also ends up in the water supply, and it's causing havoc for coffee shops in Cambridge among other things. According to the article below, Cambridge's water contains 236 ppm of chloride -the maximum allowed is 250. Boston, Somerville and most of greater Boston are doing better (32 ppm) because they are supplied by the MWRA's Quabin reservoir.

That's what happens ...

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When you let the state build a highway right next to your reservoir.

I think there's talk every so often of Cambridge joining the MWRA for just this reason.