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Boston neighborhoods with not much in common to have their weekly newspapers smushed into one

Dan Kennedy gets the scoop that GateHouse plans to consolidate a bunch of its smaller weekly newspapers into larger "regional" papers. Among the papers set to disappear: What's left of the West Roxbury/Roslindale Transcript and the Allston/Brighton Tab, which will become a newspaper called the Transcript-Tab.

It's probably more of a concern in Allston/Brighton, where the Tab is it for newspapers, as opposed to West Roxbury and Transcript, where the Bulletin long ago became the paper that gets cited at neighborhood meetings while the Transcript circulation numbers declined to something approaching room temperature.



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Does anyone under 60 actually purchase a newspaper anymore?
I am sure his next scoop will be a memo deepthroat passed on to him in a poorly lit garage announcing Gatehouse is filing for bankruptcy protection.
People have become accustomed to getting news for free and it has to be stressful for anyone working in these companies trying to figure out how to make a profit.

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I shudder to think who they're going to lump Watertown in with.

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Aside from the snarky race baiting headlines, Universal Hub has its finger on the pulse of Boston and unparalleled news coverage.

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