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Bostonians cope with this morning's brutal snowfall

Space saving in East Boston

"Never change, East Boston," Chris comments on this Hoth-like scene in his neighborhood.

Jonathan, meanwhile, shows us how one Boston-area driver struggled to keep up with the white onslaught - by pretending it just wasn't there:

Snow on a car
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.. and a Patriot's hat when they put the cone out?

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In one hand.

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The douchery is strong with these comments.

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Having a rear wiper and not even bothering to use it.

I'm not even mad, that's impressive.

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Great headline and photo.

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When I grew up in East Boston in the 60s when all the Italian old-timers were there this space saver thing was standard, all year round practice. In fact it was so prevalent that as a small child I thought this was what you were SUPPOSED to do. It was only as I got older I realized what a scumbag thing it was to do. Most of those old-timers later relocated to Peabody, Saugus and Lynnfield during the "white flight" era of the 70s (all relocating East Boston people went to the North Shore. It was the rule, just as relocating Dorchester people went to the South Shore). I'm sure most of them are in the great beyond now, where they can put out space savers to their heart's content.

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but there's still a lot of ice out there and the hail later in the morning didn't help.

Drive carefully when you take the extra bread, eggs, and milk back to the grocery.

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Drive carefully when you take the extra bread, eggs, and milk back to the grocery.

Dude, we're using that for French Toast on Friday morning (tomorrow is WarriorGirl's last day of school before break).

The ice yesterday afternoon has left me limping; I would vastly prefer 6 inches of snow to the agglutinating goop we got yesterday.

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