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Bostonians truly are exceptional, the Globe reports

If you haven't read this New Yorker article about the meteor that may have wiped out almost all life on Earth 66 million years ago, you should, because it's really interesting. The Boston Globe, of course, looked for a local angle - and found it, with a world map in today's print Ideas section (if it's online, let me know, I couldn't find it), with a dot on Boston and this caption:

If 99.9999% of all humans alive were wiped out, only the population of Boston would remain.

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I had the privilege last night to attend the Fenway Women's Fundraiser at the Copley Marriott. A wonderful night with amazing dresses, shoes, prizes, 100's of thousands of dollars raised for such a worthy cause. I wore a springy dress since it was amazingly beautiful yesterday and contemplated heels but I didn't decide for it.

Many important women power brokers in the City were there. The woman of the year award went to Congress Woman Ayanna Pressley who has torn her ACLU and had to be wheelchaired up to the stage. She said she tore her ACLU because she was kicking so much butt in Washington !!!! She gave an amazing speech that had the crowd yelling and clapping and ended with talking about her mom, her SHero, and told the crowd that what was important is that 'you believe in me'. She got a standing ovation!

Unfortunately, LPH couldn't make it because she was handing out baseball hats:


Thank god the children of Brookline can afford their own hats! Not that LPH's children would ever go to public schools :)

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Not sure whether to be flattered or compared with a roach

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