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Boston's first marijuana dispensary could be moving from downtown to the Back Bay

The Beacon Hill Times reports the owners of the medical-marijuana dispensary on Milk Street want to move to larger quarters at 304 Stuart St. - where the Mooncusser seafood restaurant is now - so that they can add a showroom to earn some of that sweet, sweet recreational-marijuana money.

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that if the move happens, Mooncusser might move to the vacant space where Flash's Cocktails used to be.

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This makes me mad. Not because they kinda did a 180 on selling retail pot, but because

Welp I shop here already. I have a MMJ card. I LIKED the fact that they aren't going retail because I don't wanna deal with the crowds to get it. I was re-assured by management that that location wasn't going retail.

Well they were half right.. not that location but they would move

I'll also state that they are MOVING because the location where they are now WONT allow for retail (community groups have spoken)

Kinda miffed. I like what I get at Patriot Care as product but realllllly am starting to hate theirs (and many other disp's) politics

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Most are saving their best for their med customers and they have special lines.

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Their Lowell location has that

I still question. As a customer of PC and NETA, I've noticed that since they both decided to go "retail", the product selection has been lacking.

For weeks NETA had almost no flower at all. PC has almost all run out at times. I can't remember ever going in there when they had everything I wanted and I didn't have to settle, at least in recent months

It just seems like they were 'saving' a bunch for retail sales over MMJ. It wasn't always like this..

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NETA hasn't been carrying much flower for about a year. It's not a recent thing.

Once Boston and it's residents untwist their undies and there are more rec shops available then crowds will lessen.

I do think though that med patients should have a completely separate line to queue up to get into the store and then also once we are in the store. We have to pay for our medical cards and state licensing fee - I think that is only fair.

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If you haven’t been to Liberty in Somerville yet, I highly recommend it! They’re on the path to rec, but not any time soon. Rev Clinics is also a reliable choice.

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A complete side note, but I remain boggled that the former Flash's space has been closed and unused for over five years (I used to work in the offices upstairs from there).

(Also slightly puzzled at the replacement of Viga by Mooncusser. Viga tended to be pretty busy with a lunch crowd.)

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The landlord of these buildings (and let's note that Mooncusser's 2nd-3rd floors were occupied by the nightclub RISE from 1998-2016) had Viga leave to make room for Mooncusser after RISE left. He's not the type of landlord to make a quick deal with anyone and probably had plenty of people interested in Flash's but likely didn't like any of them.

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RISE was where I spent many mornings, it remains my favorite dance club. Wish it was still around.

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