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Brewery named for South Boston landmark to open in South Boston

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Castle Island Brewing plans to open a brewery and pub in part of the old Cole Hersee factory at Old Colony Avenue and Dorchester Avenue.


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I'm pretty sure Cole-Hersee makes switches, toggles etc. I don't remember them being in the casket business.

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Perhaps gaskets rather than caskets?

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Cole-Hersee was acquired by the Little Fuse Company of Chicago in 2010
They had existed in Boston in one form or another for about 100 years making electrical parts for cars and trucks -- switches and connectors

The product line was acquired by Little fuse of Chicago which has a Mass operation in Waltham Sales and Danvers / Peabody -- product design and test?

The closest that I can think of to the UHub Headline -- is that some Cole-Hersee products must have ended up being incorporated in some hearses -- perhaps that's the origin of the confusion

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Last time I checked,Cole-Hersey(now owned by Littlefuse) was one of the worlds best known manufacturers of automotive electrical apparatus.
Surely,you must be thinking of Hillenbrand(American Tourister) located in Bristol RI.
Funny thing is,coffins were made in East Boston by Ginsberg until a big fire last year.
But I'm sure the introduction of more alcohol into an already over-saturated market will at some point cause death and destruction thereby giving Cole-Herseys new owners a entry into the funeral arts biz...

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Yes please more beer ok thanks

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